5/6 B your homework due this Friday 20th July is to respond to the Author of the following song- Nickleback ‘If everyone cared’

What do you think the Authors Message about this song is? What questions do you have about this song and about the lyrics?

Why do you think they wrote this song?

Include evidence from the lyrics in the song can you use to back up your beliefs?

Please respond to the Author either by emailing me personally via your epal email address or leave a comment to this post.

Dont’s due Friday. 🙂


3 thoughts on “

  1. 1) London eye because I have never been on a Ferris wheel so it will be good to go on one.
    2) London zoo because it would be good to see there native animals. and animals I’ve never seen.
    3)Buckingham Palace because it would be good to see were and what conditions the royal family lives in.
    By Luke.

    • Great job Luke. I like your choices. I too would visit the zz as I visit all zoos in cities I visit. The ferris wheel looks amazing even though I’m a scaredy cat and afraid of heights..and Buckingham Palace is a must. Thanks for being so organised. The only thing I could say is that you left your comment on the wrong homework task. But you are learning and trying, and you had capital letters Yipppppeeeee!!! 🙂

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