Our 30 Day Challenge

Look at the following Youtube clip. Its amazing how changes we make in daily living can have a HUGE impact on our lives.
We are going to choose something we are going to do or change in our lives for the next 30 days and keep track of positive and negative aspects of this challenge.
Choose something you wish to change or do, EVERYDAY. Dont make it to complicated. It has to be something you actually CAN do. Eg. Read for 30 minutes EVERYDAY, or ride your bike EVERYDAY, or play outside EVERYDAY. It’s your choice!
You must record and reflect on your challenge once a week and place your thoughts on the blog.
We will start our challenge on Monday of Week 2. You have until Friday of this week to choose your challenge topic.
Good luck.


28 thoughts on “Our 30 Day Challenge

    • 50 a day seems far more realistic than what you were describing last week. Good luck. Maybe we should measure your arms and chest to see if you build up you muscles whilst you are doing it! šŸ™‚

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