Special Kids, Special Talents!

Please Watch the following clip.

Please answer the following questions on the blog!

1) What challenges did this little girl face as she was growing up?

2) Please list the challenges and emotions felt by the parents of this little girl over the years?

3) What ‘gift’ does this little girl have and how has it been accepted by her family?

4) How do you think she felt being able to play with Katy Perry?

5) Predict this little girls future.

Remember to answer all questions with capital letters and fullstops.


6 thoughts on “Special Kids, Special Talents!

  1. Mrs Bradbury were you tired when you wrote this on the blog because you have also got an exclamation mark for a one or were you just trying to test us and see if we were awake?

  2. 1) Jodi struggled with everyday life. Ahe was barely able to speak two words
    2)Jodi’s parents thought that she would never speak. All the dreams they had for her went out the window. They were amazed at how much she changed.
    3) Jodi has a gift of being able to listen to something on the rasio/tv and she would walk over to her keyboard and start playing it.
    4) I think that she must’ve been very proud, excited and happy.
    5) I think that Jodi would become famous with her amazing singing and piano playing. Her piano playing puts Alton johns to dust.

    • She certainly has an amazing gift to be able to play music the way she does. I agree with her mother. She really seems to be able to express her feelings and her self through her music. Im also extremely jealous that she got to play with Katy Perry. im a huge fan of hers myself. 🙂

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