Hi 5/6 B

After discussing this with you today, I decided to place this on the blog as well to remind you and your parents, just what is required of you to be finished by NEXT Friday-16th Novemeber-

First Fleet Triology- from last term!

Your maths- ‘Trip to London’

Writing- Persuassive- ‘Benefits of Tourism’

-Recount – Coonawarra CAmp Story

-Biographies of Famous People

You have lots of work to make sure you have fully completed by next week. Start being responsible and using your time wisely in class! Remember to come to class prepared to learn, with the right pens, pencilcase, diary, and books.

It is the end of the year so there should be NO EXCUSES for being unprepared.

Its also important to post your own response about how your 30 days challenge has gone. It is winding up and I want to start looking at these results next week.

Good Luck



3 thoughts on “Homework!!

    • No Andy,
      Last year not many replied at all to our blog. It was a new thing and a few didn’t have access to a computer. But I can see already that this year will be different. 🙂

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