Easter Holiday Homework

Hi 5/6 B,
Your holiday homework is to unpack and seed and write a draft in your draft book on the persuasive topic- ‘Should students be given homework in the holidays?”
You must unpack a seed, writing points for and against this topic.
You must then choose a side, do you believe students should have to do homework in the holidays or not, and then draft me a persuasive piece of writing explaining why you think this.
Remember in your draft I’m looking for-
1) An introduction- a catchy, hook-in sentence that makes me want to keep reading, something like- ‘Homework? That dreaded word every kids hates the sounds of…’, or something like ‘How would you like it if……’
2) The body- 3 or 4 paragraphs with evidence explaining your point of view, remember once you write your evidence, EXPLAIN what you mean, by giving us an example.
3) A conclusion- a summary of your point of view.

You must use strong emotive words, and remember how using BOLD letters and punctuation !!, can help emphasis your points of view.

You are also expected to read and record your reading 6 times during your holidays..please read for 20 mins at a time.

Have a great break. Stay safe and have fun..
See you all next term 🙂


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