Your Opinion!

Your Opinion!

Your homework for this week -What do you believe has happened in this picture? Give me your opinion and use evidence from the picture to convince me. Explain your thinking.
Write a descriptive paragraph, using strong emotive words, to convince me, what you believe has happened in this picture. Please post your opinion by Friday 26th April.
Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “Your Opinion!

  1. I think that it is in a muslim county because of the palace type building in the backround. I think it may be in a county like Iraq because of the bombings there lately. Alternatively it could be in China where the earthquakes have struck. I think that there has been a massive, earth-shaking explosion and lots of fire. I think the man is walking around, hopelessly looking for his lost belongings. I think that there may have been some deaths because of the horrid destruction in this picture.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Sorry my younger sister posted here is my homework.
    I think that this town has just town has gone through a natural disaster like a bushfire or just a house fire.
    I think it might of been a bush fire because of the treee and the smoke I can see black trees around the place, I can also se a man looking for something that belongs to him.
    I think that it might just be a house fire because the smoke and black trees are only in one particular placeand there is a buliding behind him and the rest of the town that I can see looks ok and un harmed.

  3. When I look at this picture, I feel that there has been either an earthquake or that a bomb has been dropped. This is because you can see a man looking for dead bodies,cryng people yelling for help, bodies all over the place and one man is looking to see what happened after the bomb hit the town,smoke in the blue sky with one tree behind the smoke, i see parts of houses everywhere,towers in the sky with the smoke,dead trees with no wonderful leaves on it,fire under the smoke where the bomb dropped. (smiles) ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. There was a massive bush fire zooming right through the town killed most of the village. All that is lef is ruble, smoske and palooted air. But as for that man he survived the gigantic fire. He hid in a he was on holidays to meet his relitives. He feels homeless, poor and hungry. But then a few months later he died of starvation. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. When i look at this picture i see that there has been a bush fire or an ENORMOUS fire that has demolished alot of houses, buildings and i has killed about over 1,000 people. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That man that survived is lucky, he might have hidden in that building that is still sitting there. I see that the man is looking for his belongings, like family. I can see that he is feeling lonely, sad, homeless, hungry and thirsty.

  6. I think that there has been a natural disaster that has recked a lot of homes and killed a lot and a lot of people. He is feeling deprested and sad because she lots his family and i so hungry and firsty.

  7. My opinion is that there was a war and not many people survived that war most familys had to hide until the war was over most people were left liying there homeless looking for food drinking what ever water they found it was very hard back in those times almost every one died and were yerure.y lucky if they surived! thats what i tink happend in this pict

  8. I see a bush fire and alot of metal,bricks and trees. It look like there is a person looking at the metsl and maybe he is looking for something.
    I see smoke coming off the trees and the ground and metal is black and the trees are burnt and the ground is black

  9. I think that there has been a bushfire because there are a lot of burnt trees and there is still a lot of smoke. I think that the fire might’ve killed lots of families and destroyed lots of homes. The people that where still alive after that horrible fire would’ve been awfully hungry and thirsty. Those people would’ve died of starvation.

  10. I think it is a war is Russia or a tornado or earthquake came thought and got destroyed I also think there is a hurt person at the back of the recage. I think homeless people live there and that they have big fires to keep warm.

  11. I think that at one stage this was a large building which has been burnt to the ground. The fire has also burnt all the surrounding trees, as they are all black and they have no more leaves. The sky is very dark and there is a lot of smoke around the area where the fire was. There is no grass or vegetation around the place, and there is a lot of metal which has broken into pieces and looks burnt. It also looks like it has happened in another country because the building in the background doesnโ€™t look like a building in Australia.

  12. In my opinion, I believe that the person in that picture has lost someone who is important to them due to a bombing. The background reminds me of a cementary because of all the dark, gloomy and negativity that is coming from the picture. The person would go back to the place the person had died to remember the memories that they had. I personally think that because as soon as you see that picture, you automatically get hit with a negative, painful feeling and it makes you feel as if you were that person there in that picture, looking at the last time you saw your loved one who recently passed.

  13. I think it was a natural disaster because their is evereything gone and distroud. My opinion is that a lot of people have died because there is no one around except for one person. My opinion is that this is a verey sad picture because there is everything distroud and burnt.

  14. My opinion
    I think there has been a war and bombing and he is trying to find his family I think that this man is so sad because of his body is all sad I think he is lost and can not find his way home the back reminds me of the woods because it all scary and dark I think the man is petrified because of what his doing and I think there has been a bush fire because the back ground looks all smoky and the trees are all Burt .

  15. this picture makes me really sad because of all the people that have been killed and all of the lives that have been lost and all the hard work theat been put in the houses and who sad the people must feel.

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