Homework-Week 3- What’s your Opinion??


Gaming and Take Away foods..Do these cause obesity?

Many of you play gaming consoles regualarly and we all eat junk food at times.
However, there are people in the world that play these games for unhealthy amounts of time each and everyday. Pizza Hut have now incorproated with certain big gaming console companies, to advertise their products during people’s gaming time, trying to remind them to eat, and eat their product.
In ‘YOUR OPINION’, do you think its healthy to play games everyday and eat junk food regularly, and should companies like Pizza Hut be able to advertise on these games?
Remember to provide evidence when giving me your opinions. Im expecting quite a long, DETAILED response to this, so don’t disappoint me please.Good luck and rememeber, DO NOT post anything onto our blog unless someone has proof read it first!!!!!
This is due on Friday 3rd of May. Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Homework-Week 3- What’s your Opinion??

  1. Games can be educational, however even educational games can be bad and addictive if played for to long. If people play for a long period of time, when they get off the game, they can be grumpy and unpleasent to be around (personal experience). Junkfood advertising should not be legal on gaming devices (including PC and desktop computers). Research shows that a gaining percentage of the western worlds population is becoming obese or overweight, so advertising on this type of media is only going to add to the obesity problem. It is alright to eat junkfood sometimes, in small proportions but not always. Having junkfood while gaming everyday will make you overweight. Due to the sugar and fats in junkfood you can easily become overweight, and it is likely that if you’re gaming you would be sitting down and not having any exercise.

    To sum up, it is important that the problem of advertising junkfood on videogames is addressed.

  2. How do you want your children not pitching in and are playing vidio games all day. I absourlotly do not! Yes I know that I play video games alot but only for bout an hour (sometimes I go overbord and go for two hours). It is Terreble for your eye sight if you play that much. Childrn are plaing games not for their age group. I think it is disgraisful. As for the junk food part it is shocking that people eat that much. It’s not good for your helth. you can get diabeaties and intergestion. You get really fat. You will have no money you spend it all on junk food.

  3. I think that eating junk food and playing video games almost all day. If you did do that all of the time it can make you unhealthy and it could cause eye damage. You should at least have one hour to an hour and a half. If you eat too much junk food you could get very sick. If you spend most of your money on junk food you won’t have enough money to buy anything else.

  4. Gaming can cause many different issues.
    Health problems, is one of them. You are not only just sitting there playing the game but you affect your eyes, put your body in an uncomfortable position (R.S.I ~ Repetitve Stress Injury), and most of you can be extremely unactive. Not only will these greatly affect your body but it can affect you mentally. Which brings me to my next topic.
    Different video games can trigger your emotions and make you go up and down. If can be out of competitiveness, and you throw a tantrum out of not winning. That can cause major problems. Most gamers don’t realize they are doing it, but they do. Some games can give people ideas that will make a dilemma. Sometimes a game may give them a bad thought and they could act on it.
    But, while you turn on your xbox (or other gaming devices), and you see a fast food resturant advertisement comes up, what do you automatically think?
    “Hmmmmm, yum food! Well, maybe a few pizzas couldn’t hurt..” Oh, yes they can. Not only are you sitting around messing with your head (while not noticing it) by playing videos games, but you’re eating unhealthy food that can, actually WILL affect on your health. Not only are you just lounging around eating and gaming but you are being extremely unactive. No exercise will affect your health and your health is a vital part of living! You’re pratically very slowly killing yourself.

    So, don’t think that a few pizzas or gaming won’t affect your health because it will. More than you can think.

  5. I think that that if you eat to much junk food and play games to much can be bad for your heafh ,it is bad for your eys site and you might get over weight , be unhealthy and get bullyed, get adicted to playing games and having junk food in your life and your room will be all messy and you will get sore fingers.

  6. if you eat junk food like pizza, subway, and hungry jacks. It could be bad for your health and your eyes if you sit on the crouch all day and play x-box.your mum wouldnt like it because your not listening to her when it could be something very importan.

  7. If you eat junk food it could be affecting your health and you will be getting fatter from eating all that junk food.
    If you play games to much you will grow up to be like that like if you play violent games you will grow up to be violent and do bad stuff and end up in jail.

  8. If you eat junk food it is really bad for your helf that why we need to eat helfey stuff or we will not be fit and everyone needs to be fit everyone is fit it dose not matter what size you are you are still fit

    For video games I know nearly everyone plays video games but it make your eyes hurt it is bad for your eye sight and it is not good for your hands because it can corse atharites I think

  9. In my opinion video games are bad for you because when you are sitting there playing your “unharmless” game you are actually defecting your brain from learning and increased risk of childhood obesity, overuse injuries of the hand because players are nearly always seated when playing electronic games, risk of developing muscle and joint problems such as back and neck pain and headaches from the lights changing flashing and also sitting to close to the screen research finds that if you enforce rules then your child will have a better chance of this not happening to them also to stop eye straying sit your child at least 1 meter away from the television and remind them to take frequent breaks. If a pizza ad interrupted your game most kids would ask for it right well that’s true.
    I think that takeaway food is bad because it can also lead to childhood obesity, teasing and other issues like high cholesterol which leads to the thickening and blockage of arteries, obesity In time this could lead to other disorders such as, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, increased cholesterol levels, blockage in arteries, depression, loss of muscle mass and so on.
    Junk foods are packed in wrappers. These wrappers are coated with stuff that stops the greasiness of the food from being absorbed by them. This grease enters the body of an individual and causes several health problems and also means that more inessential greases are entering the body if whoever is eating it!

  10. Mrs Bradbury this is for my homework
    Junk Food: I think junk food should not be allowed every single day because it will not be healthy and u will feel sick.
    Gaming: I think gaming should not be allowed because it gives you he-ache and you will be addictive to the game and your eyes might hurt.

  11. Playing games and eating junk food is bad for your health. You will get obsessed with it and get lots of problems and you will have to go to hospital and get an operation . You could end up with sore eyes for staring at the screen and get really bad head-aches. People are getting sick by eating lots of junk food.

  12. First of all gamers shouldn’t play all the time, but rather play only two or three days a week so that it doesn’t take control of their life. I feel the same way about junk foods, that it should be limited to maybe once a month.
    Secondly eating junk food is not healthy and can make you very fat. This junk food can also cause problems like diabetes and heart problems. It also causes cravings which make it hard to resist this type of food.
    There is a problem with our youth who are already accustomed to this way of eating and it is getting out of control already with young kids having weight and health problems.
    Very often gamers choose junk food because it is quick and easy to order. But unfortunately gamers get into a bad habit of just sitting around playing games and not moving and doing exercises. So they become more lazy playing games and even fatter because they are eating unhealthy take-away foods. Both the game and food then control their lives.
    By not allowing the take-away companies to advertise on the gaming sites we may reduce the chance of gamers then buying more junk food.
    They should rather advertise healthy foods and ways to get fit. Like sending a message to the gamers every thirty minutes to get up and move and stretch their legs and get some fresh air.
    Gamer can get so involved in gaming that they then don’t spend any time with their family and other friends. This can led to arguments because it can make the family and friends feel unwanted and that the gamer think the games are more important.
    In conclusion games can take control of your life and to advertise junk foods can put a person health at risk. So I don’t feel it is a good idea to allow junk food advertisements to be promoted on computer games.

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