Is it Fair Not Everyone Does Their Homework?

5/6 B,
As we all know, most of you are responsible and complete your homweork each week, however there are still a few students who don’t seem to care if they complete the set homework or not.
Your task this week is to GIVE ME YOUR OPINION on this matter. Is it fair that these students constantly get away with not completing their work? What do you believe the punishment should be-( but please be sensible and realistic).
Remember to tell me WHY you think this way and give me examples to back your beliefs up please!
You should have two are three points to discuss here and give me evidence.
Good luck and hopefully, everyone can complete this by FRIDAY 10th May.


15 thoughts on “Is it Fair Not Everyone Does Their Homework?

  1. I believe that it is not fair that only half the grade does their homework. If they don’t do their homework they should stay in and write lines.

  2. I think it will not be fair if the hall unit has to do homework and like about two people don’t have to. We all need to do homework to learn and I recond that every school should have homework because it won’t be fair for the people that all ways do home work they are the ones that are not learning. I think we should have homework becuase if some people don’t know what to do then they can learn if they do homework and it keep your grade down and the unit and you might get kept down thank you for listening.

  3. Homework is extremely important for every students learning.

    Firstly, do you seriously think that it is NOT IMPORTANT to do homework? Teachers set homework for our benefit, not to be annoying. Teachers cannot teach us everything, we have to do some of the work ourselves at home. Another benefit of doing homework is that parents should know what we are doing at school and homework is the perfect way to showcase this.

    Secondly, did you know that it is scientifically proven that homework aids your learning? This is because it helps consolidates the work you’ve done in work in school. Consolidating the information will store it in your brain for the long-term. It also helps you research in encyclopaedias, books and on the internet etc. which will help in later life.

    Finally, people who don’t do their homework, it is their own loss if they can’t remember how to do their work. In saying that, I think they SHOULD do their homework because they make the majority look bad. I think an extra punishment for not doing your homework should be being EXCLUDED from a class party but be made sit in the middle of the class party AND have to watch everybody else chow in.

    Homework is majorly important SO DO IT THIS WEEK (and every other week).:)

  4. Hi 5/6B

    Why should the responceable kids kick but and do the work when others can not worry about it. Can you see the importence why everyone and I mean EVERYONE sould do their homework.

    Studnts can improve their skills better by doing homework. I think alot of people have become better at all the segments each day and I believe it thanks to homework. How? Simple the first day a person was stuck on maths sum then the next he got given the same sum and solved it easly.

    I think the punishment should be teachers choice for writing out lines or times tables fifty times over reecess and lunch time. I know it is a bit mean but people should get their buts moving and get homework done. If you don’t do your homework you need a good reason why you couldn’t be botherd doing your homework. All of us are old and should be respoonceble enogh to get this done! My mums punisment in english when she was a student was to copy the first three chapters of the bible! Now thats alot of work and paiges! :O

    5/6B YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!! Other wise you might not get lunch with the teachers.

  5. Sorry I was ment to say this on the and of my sentence THAT WHY WE NEED TO DO HOMEWORK it is very IMPORTANT.

  6. I think it is not fair that only some people do there do there homework and the people that do there homework should be punished and most people get away with it

  7. I think that it is not fair if some people does not do there home work,
    This is my reason, The people who did not do there homework they should stay in the classroom and write a apology letter to Mrs Bradbury why did they not do there homework.

  8. Most people in our grade, do their homework correctly by reading the instructions given and follow the task as told. But, the students who slack off and decide they aren’t doing it are letting not only our grade down, but themselves.
    Yes, people don’t have access to a computer with reliable internet connection, but they are given many opportunities to do
    their homework at school, which leaves them with NO reason not to their homework. They have 5 days to complete it, but they don’t.
    Why? Purely for the fact, they can’t be bothered. While the students who are intrigued and enagaged in learning a few more things which will help them in class, the others just do nothing and get left behind. This effects your learning intentions later on in class. There is honestly no excuse, but somehow the kids in peoples grade find out a way to persuade the teachers.

    Students can increase their knowledge by doing homework. It’s a little extra help to guide you through grade lessons. This can help your NAPLAN testing and can just help you in general. It’s their loss when they aren’t doing it. Bit by bit, they are falling behind. but just aren’t noticing it! Most students think homework is a punishment, but it’s actually an advantage. It gives you a brief idea to what highschool has instore for you. But they are more brutal and harsh, they don’t take petty excuses. Infact, primary school is a delightful walk in the park when it comes to homework’s punishments. Detention, suspsension and picking up rubbish are just few of the many consequences in highschool. The punishment below is nothing!!

    The punishment for this selfish behaviour should be, staying in at lunch and recess for 1 day, writing Ms Bradbury an apology letter, along with the grade an apology letter. Then, will complete their homework, but do a little extra then what the student who actually did their homework.
    They should also give an explanation to why they didn’t do their homework.

  9. I think it is not far because only half the grade dose it and the people who not do it is just thinking that they don’t have to do their homework when everyone else dose , not care about it so I think that they should do in and when they don’t do it they should stay in at snack and lunch to do it ,miss out of fun games that we play or if they are in something that has things that u go out of the school so miss out and miss out on there snack and lunch.

  10. It isn’t fair that we have to do all the homework and the others don’t do all their homework because they sit back and relax. The punishment should be to call their parents and write lines and writing out their homework by hand too because I know that they don’t care about completing the work because as soon as they finish they can go and play.
    I also think to motivate us, those who do their homework can get rewards from the prize box or maybe a week with no homework.

  11. I think it is unfair that they get away with it they should do it for the rest of the week. All the people should rite lines why they didn’t do their home work at home and if they don’t do it the 2nd week they should stay in for 2 weeks It is not fair they get to get away from it.

  12. i think it is unfair that other people have to suffer from other people that havent done there homework and should get punished there punishment should be staying in at recess and lunch time doing home work all week on the computer/book

  13. Dear 5/6B,

    It is DISGRACEFUL that NOT EVEN half of the grade does there homework because they are letting there grade down and they are letting themselves down. They are also letting there grades slip and that’s not a good thing if you want to move forward in life.

    I think that people who don’t do there homework should be punished because it WILL help them learn that there are CONSEQUENCES for your what you did wrong in life if forget to do something because if you forget to do something in your job then you could lose it.Also it is unfair that only half the grade does their homework because if they don’t do their homework then we have to suffer because if we get a reward if everyone did their homework and someone didn’t do it then that is unfair on us It’s not OUR fault that they didn’t do their homework is it, it is their fault
    they can’t be bothered to it. I know that some people can’t get Internet at home BUT there is an ALTERNATIVE you can do it in your own time at school on the laptops.
    I think that student who don’t do THEIR homework should have to do it at recess or lunch time instead of being let of with a warning. People that don’t do there homework should be punished more harshly like the high school does they get punished by having a DETENTION, SUSPENSION or what ever they can think of.
    So do you want to be in at lunch time and recess doing something you should of done at HOME then DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOW.

    From Chantell

  14. I think that children should not gbet away with not doing there homework on the bloy ,no it’snot fair becausethey are getting away with not doing homework.

    They should gothe principal’s office because they should get a trouble notice because they haven’t done there homework.

    The teacher will tell you mum and dad that you have not done your homework on the biog this week, you could get in ”BIG TROUBLE” by getting sent to your bedroom ,after you have done your homework.

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