Sink Holes!

What happened here?

What happened here?

100 Word Challenge!
Using only 100 words, write an extremely descriptive piece to go with this picture!


13 thoughts on “Sink Holes!

  1. On a wonderful day I fell like a vacation, maybe Sydney harbour bridge yes! That’s it I’m going there. As I leave the room the news was on and I thought I heard “a shocking discovery a small sinkhole was found in” then the TV reception went out. I say to myself that won’t be important to me, I get into my car and drive (2 hours latter) still driving here I am finally there on the highway. And then I see a sinkhole my car screeched till a crash fruit loops NOOO! Why me I should of listened to the news.

  2. I was walking one day then I went pasted this hole there was a car sinking I grabbed a rope trying to help the people in was terrible I called the fire mans police to help them there were suffering they did not deserve this they were trying there best they made it it was everywhere all over the news the tv then everyone left they were trying to figure out a way how this happened then we saw inside it there was a huge black thing they looked at it carefully they new what it was it was a bom

  3. I was driving my car on a wonderful day then boom splash crash my car in underground I call for help and some one hears me they go call the fireman i waited for 4 minutes and the get here. They give me a latter I get out and news and people are asking me what happen and if I am ok , if I will tell my story I walk away and feel like I was going to die down there, I was hoping for someone to come and I survived, I wondered if it is going to happen again.

  4. On a schorching summers day. I was driving along the princess highway to my brothers for a gigantic family banquet. The road was packed with cars as usual. Then in one second, an enourmous crack comes in front of my car. I had no choice, I had to go over it, I was boxed in! But That crack tuned into… sinkhole. Michaels going to be super irate! My cars stuffed, the roads stuffed, I’m stuffed. What a catastrophie. oh great now the pipes are stuffed. I’m probably going to drown. But wait I hear a siren,Great the fire brigade is here, FREEDOM!

  5. The car was driuing aiong the road when the fallinto the sink hole I think the sink hole was made by the water pipe broke and the road gave a way and took things on the road frll in Ihope the driver is ok The woman felt vrey worried bacause her car want down a hole and the woman is ok , but her car is dinted at thefront and the back bumpers. Did she have any pets in the car.

  6. So there I was, driving along my brand new chrome silver sports car with a 380 BHP (break horse-power) V8 engine with low profile alloy wheels. When… CRUNCH!!! Then a sickening drop, like jumping out of a three-story-high buildings top window, followed by a tremendous crash, the windows smashed, the front and side airbags exploded simultaneously with a whoosh of air, and water filling up the car coming out of the ruptured high power water pipe. People started to come and scream for help, others calling triple 0. I clambered out of the hole and ran all the way home.

  7. I was driving happily UNTIL BANG the road collapsed beneath me I’m scared from the pressure of the water hitting my rear window. I see someone i yell HELP!!! The person here’s me he calls the fire brigade 10 mins later they arrive it’s about time i said they grab there ladder. I climb up it and say what about my wallet we will get it. Here is your wallet madam. Thank you and how are you going to get my car easy we will get a crane. The crane is here there you go your car is out.

  8. My sink Hole 100 Word Challenge
    There I was driving down this raggedy road and the just sunk into the road. My life flashed before my eyes and it was boring and scary. The pipes busted at my brand new car, it put dints and cracks into my windows. I thought I was never going to get out of here and starve to death. My ear drums felt like they exploded with all the pipes shooting at my car. I tried to open my car door but I couldn’t there was something stopping it. The fire fighters come just in time and got me out of my car.

  9. I was busy watching a baseball show on TV in my warm home. Mid game I got excited and screamed “GO!” at my TV. I suddenly heard a crash and I thought it was my cat in the kitchen. I thought I better get up and check to see what the problem was. I went into the kitchen, but it wasn’t my cat. I looked outside and I could see a big hole in the road so I ran outside to see what had happened. I found a badly damaged car in the hole and the person inside the car was my sister.

  10. I’m sitting here shocked as I reflect on what just happened. I was minding my own business walking along the footpath and a car went past then BANG!!! Pipe burst and the asphalt collapses underneath the car and then I hear screams coming from the hole, people rush over to help the woman. I can hear gushing water rushing out of the pipe. People are asking are you alright are you hurt? I hear loud deafening sirens coming towards us it gets louder and then I saw it, it was the fire brigade and they got the woman out. Whooooooo people are astonished that the woman wasn’t injured and I think that’s it’s amazing that no one got hurt at all!

    Mrs Bradbury it is a little bit over at 128

  11. 100 Word Challenge!

    I was carrying around all my grocery shopping, struggling to juggle it all. I awkwardly walked around the streets towards the florist. The sweet scent of flowers went though the air. I was just about to enter, when a loud deafening bang echoed. I spun around, puzzled trying to figure out what’s happening. Then, I saw it! Water fountaining and everywhere, a massive hole in the ground now appeared. I dropped my shopping in shocked, My brain is now wondering how could I help? I rushed over to the disaster and dialed 000. I hope the people involved are alive!

  12. As I finished my shift at the service station. I hopped into my car to travel the long journey home. I was driving through the long neighbourhoods, When I heard a loud bang that came out of no where, found myself in side a very large sink hole stuck inside my car. it was very dark at the bottom and very cold, and I realized that I couldn’t get out of the hole, ever hard that I tried.. I started to panic, that I might not be found. Then I started to yell as loud as I could hoping someone would hear me.

  13. Sink Hole
    Yesterday, when I was driving minding my own business, I feel in a massive hole. What happened? Where am I? What am I going to do and how am I going to get out of here? I he my car has car Insurance. I hope people are unable to fall down because if they do I will get stuck and may die. I as worried as a mum worrying where her child is. I scared and worried that I wouldn’t get out of this giant hole.
    Author: Chloe Holmes

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