How to write an Alliteration!!

This week we have been looking at figurative language, and today we are looking at how to write an alliteration.
Write a few examples in your word work book and choose your most descriptive one to post on the blog.


20 thoughts on “How to write an Alliteration!!

  1. The tremendous trolley tumbled along the ten train tracks towards the terrified tiny toddlers who were trying to talk to Terry and Tom.

  2. The furious fish went on a fizzy free Friday ferociously.
    The roaring rhino ran rigorously round the round-a-bout right near red roster.

  3. Martians munching on marshmallows on Mars.
    Ryan the rhino rides in the rigorous rain to the rhino home.
    Shimmering Chantell shined like a star on the stage.

  4. Ryan rhinoceros rode a rhino while Robert rabbit wrote a reading reward.
    Jordan the jellybean jumped in to jelly while eating jam tarts

    By Ryan and Jordan

  5. Carrie’s cat clawed Cassidy’s couch creating chaos and creping in the couch.
    Poor startled Stephanie was watching scary silly movies in a house in Scotland.

  6. Chunky chocoholics chucked some chocolate at a chum and chomped on a choc-chip cookie.
    Horrible hackers hording in a horrid home, hoping to hop to Hollywood.
    Angelic Andy flew with an axe and actually killed a crow.
    Wonderful Once-ler walked past the woeful Lorax and watched a working factory.

  7. Lucky Loki licked his lollipop, while listening to Lionel Riche.
    Marvellous Madison made mudcake, whilst moving like McJagger.
    Grouchy Gabby growled angrily at galahs!
    Nervous Nicole knicked knifes noisly a number of times.
    Joyous Joshua was jaunty with jumpsuits and got jinxed by Jack!
    Amazing Anneliese wrote alliterations all the time while abandoning eight armadillos.
    Tremendous Trevor tricked ten tigers by telling the wrong time!

  8. Curious Chris crossed curiously to a crushed cop car containing coconuts crying King Kong.
    Excellent epic Ernie found eighty eight eyes on an egger ell eating eggs.

  9. Terrifying Taylor caused trouble in Texas.
    Friendly Frank played football ferociously at the football ground.
    Crazy Kim crunched on apples while watching Karate Kid.
    Excellent Ernie ate eight egg plants every five minutes.

  10. Kind Kyra cut crunchy carrots curiously.
    Eighty thousand ants ate eight apples after eighty eight apricots.
    Cute curious kittens climbed curtains curiously.
    Frank fetched for fifty thousand flying fish for Frank, Phil and Fred every Friday.

  11. Crazy Chris crashed crudely in a cop car into a cot, killing King Kong and cruly crushing King Kong’s kryptonite cookie.
    Super Sam Stared straight at Silly Stephanie’s Smelly Sock.
    Troublesome Troy Toyed with Ted while teds toys got trashed.
    Excellent Ethan ate English eagles eggs for his education
    Sam smacked a sandpit, than super speedily skied away from the Scene

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