100 word challenge

‘…….suddenly I heard a crack…….’

The 100 word challenge is officially starting back up globally and we are set to blow the other schools across the world, out of,the water with our amazing descriptive pieces of writing.
To get inspired, check out Anneliese’s, Sam’s and Chris’s, challenge from last week. All different but all fantastic pieces of writing.
This is due on Friday. I will be choosing the best three pieces of writing to be entered into the competition each week. If you don’t think your writing is up to scratch, repost and ask me to delete your original until it is something you are proud of. Remember, any errors and I WON’T be choosing your piece no matter how good it is.
Good luck!


19 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. I was going to visit my aunty on her farm. As I got out of the car I suddenly heard a crack from out of nowhere, but it was my aunt with her whip. “Hello” she said, with a very croaky voice and I shouted cheerfully “Hi!”
    My aunt showed me around the farm. She first showed me her pigs and she told me all their names and the best of them all was Dinner. She then showed me the rest of the farm. We had dinner and I know what you are thinking… We didn’t really eat dinner, I hope.

  2. I walk out of my house and start walking to school i talk to my friends , I suddenly I heard a crack i stop and tell them and that i heard a crack, they say I am hearing things we keep walking we get to school and I stil wonder about it after school I walk home by my self with one friend we chat the whole time she stops ,hears the crack I tell her i heard it in the morring and she look at the grould. We see the cracks I step and a hole start to form in the grould I dont step and then she steps on it falls in I see that it was a massive hole I help her up.

  3. Dear Diary,
    It’s Tuesday, the 3rd of September 1815, and life is terrible as always. I have been regretting that loaf of bread I stole. I was put on a boat and sent as a convict to Australia. After being at sea for about fifteen-weeks, the Red Coat told us that we should reach Australia within the hour! As he said that, other convicts were giggling with joy! Wait a minute I think we’ve reached port! We have!! Sorry cut short,
    Charles Whittington
    “Come on Then” Said one of the Red Coats. Suddenly I heard a crack of a whip…

  4. One day i was walking to my friends house and as i was walking down the dark street i noticed this scary looking monster living under one of the houses, it scared me so much i started running. As i was running down the street the houses looked older and older. I got to my friends house and it was the oldest looking one there, she wasn’t home so i just walked in and suddenly heard a crack. Guess what!? I woke up to realize it was just a horrible night mare, thank goodness because it was a horrible experience.

  5. I rub my eyes, looking around for the TV remote. I lift up the cushion and grab it. I go to turn it off, when a message appears on the screen.. “You don’t know me yet. I know you. I know all about you. Every little detail. Your address, the layout of your house, the place you hide your secrets. It’s okay, we’ll meet soon. Then you can know me.. And you’ll know that my voice isn’t actually coming from inside your head.” My mouth drops open, I run straight to the door. Suddenly, I heard a crack echo around my house.

  6. I was a sleep in my warm, comfy, cosy bed dreaming that I was in candy land napping on a giant marshmallow when I was awaken, I heard a crack down stairs I was too afraid to go see what was making the noise. It was too hard to go back to bed with that racket down stairs. So I just went to see what it was. It was the bulkiest mice I have ever seen. So I got my broom, and waked it that did nothing it just ran. But I was lucky because it went on a trap and died.

  7. It is 9:00pm 1999 and my whole family and I are down in Melbourne celebrating the new Millennium! Everybody is so existed. Mum has brought food the picnic rug and we set up on a hill. The 9:30 fireworks just finished when we sat down. There were the carnival rides just down path down path way. Michael asks if Dad could take us to the rides. This was like 11:45 at night so he complaining. But suddenly I heard a crack. It was the fireworks! But there was no countdown at all. I didn’t hear anything at all. Was there a miss understanding?

  8. I wake up destressed and worried as I suddenly hear a crack a loud BANGING noise coming from the end of the hallway. Thinking about my family and if they’re hurt or not I run down the hallway. I scream in shock as I saw the roof collapsing in the kitchen. It’s dark in the roof and it has gross, white spider webs and there was old, damp boxes and who knows what else is up there? I slowly try to walk around it so I don’t fall over. BAM, CRASH BOOM more is coming off the roof and now you can see OUTSIDE!!!

  9. I walk out of my house and start walking to school I talk to my friends, I suddenly I heard a crack I stop and tell them and that I heard a crack, they say I am hearing things we keep walking we get to school and I still wonder about It after school I walk home by myself with one friend we chat the whole time she stops, hears the crack I tell her I heard It In the morning and she look at the ground. We see the cracks I step and a whole start to form in the ground I don’t step and then she steps on it falls In I see that It was a massive hole I help her up.

  10. I was walking home from school and all the sudden crack the ground started falling help the ground is falling it falls help me some one here’s my scream and he panics just wait there I’ll get the fire brigade to help you out of the hole don’t leave just call 911 ok here they come thank god help there is a little kid stuck it that hole in the ground ok we will get him out get the ladder ok here kid climb up this ladder ok thank you for saving me of I would have been stuck forever.

  11. I was walking and then suddenly I heard a crack. Oh no it was the ground what is it is a drought everyone run run run. I ran and ran and ran then I looked over the mountain there a natural disasters. Everywhere there a Tornados, Earthquakes erything. I was worried so worried I got as much help as I needed. A science guy came over he said it was a natural disaster mix. That is when all natural disasters come and make the world change alot da da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaaaa.

  12. On Friday the 6th of September 2013, suddenly there was a crack in my window. I was wondering how it happened so then I went out side looking for lots of clue hmm hmm hmm I could not find any so then I went to sleep I woke up nearly all of my windows were cracked. Oh my god I was so worried! I was soo, so petrified and I called the cops, the only one that could solve this problem. Then they had no clue. It was no use. Damn! I should stay up all night and solve it.

  13. I was walking to my friend’s house when suddenly I heard a crack so I ran to see what it was it was a stick so I ran to my friend`s home and told him how much I freaked out about a stick. The next day a forgot all about it but my friend just kept telling me so I tripped him in front of everyone and I said what are you talking about and tripped him one more time before I leaved school and told all the people . I said that’s what you get for telling people.

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