100 word challenge-week 2

This weeks challenge is based on the following picture.
Think about what the person is doing? The look on the person’s face? The colours, thoughts and feelings for both characters.
Good luck
It is due THURSDAY this week, so I can get it posted by Friday.
Remember, use your recess and lunchtime to get this finished.


15 thoughts on “100 word challenge-week 2

  1. So there I was, fishing, minding my own business when I felt a small tug and then again, just a little bit stronger. After a minute of the tugging, each time getting a little bit stronger, when all of a sudden I got pulled into the water! All I could do is hope that this massive, horrible fish would not eat me alive! I opened my round shocked eyes and saw the fish. The fish Had the biggest, bulgiest eyes you would ever see. And the skin of the fish was a pink! Its teeth were jagged, sticking out everywhere….

  2. As I was walking past the beach. I saw a strange man he just got a fish he grabbed it like normally. Then the next second I saw him chocking him everyone was starring at the man who was chocking the fish. He was saying come on WHAT ARE YOU GUY LOOKING AT!!!!!!!!! I think he had a problem. The next day saw him again. I could hear him saying to the come hear you grrr I could smell stinky fish eww that smells discussing.Then I walked up to him he was so creepy and I asked why did you do that???????????????

  3. I’ve never been a fan of fishing, all the waiting and horrible smells. Blurgh! I sit patiently, holding my rod with no interest whatsoever. Suddenly, I feel a tug going at a rapid speed making my jump up and my eyes widen. I see the most ugliest creature in the world. I shake my head in fear, trying to identify, this.. THIS BEAST! I scream, trying to look away but I can’t help to look. I throw my rod into the water, running off the jetty like a psychopath.
    I can tell you all one thing… I HATE FISHING!!

  4. I was never the one that will wait with fishing, as I sit patiently I eat some chips with some Oreos, as I go to get one of my chips I get a tug I jump. I look and see the most ugliest fish in the hole of the world I pull the rod up but it fights back, I keep on trying to pull the ugly fish out, I full back on my back I open my eyes and I see the biggest fish I have ever seen I’m my hole life I get my camera and take a photo of it but it went all crazy and jumped back it to the water.

  5. Ok so really I don’t reall like wobbly boats, water, smelly, disgusting fish or anything like that but just to make dad happy I went fishing with him. I was sitting there with no interest at all with what’s going on. Then all of a sudden I see the old, wooden rod move I try to pull it in but the fish is to heavy. It pulls the rod and it nearly breaks. I PULL until finally I get it onto the yellowish, greenish, wooden jetty we were standing on it’s a huge 10 kg and a light pink colour.

  6. I was never the one that will wait with fishing, as I sit patiently I eat some chips with some Oreos, as I go to get one of my chips I get a tug I jump. I look and see the ugliest fish I pull the rod up but it fights back, I keep on trying to pull the ugly fish out, I full back, I open my eyes and I see the biggest fish I have ever seen. I get my camera and take a photo of it but it went all crazy and jumped back it to the water

  7. Has I was going for a swing in the sea water, when I got half way I felt a fish under a feet but It was not It was a big sea worm I scream and swim to the beach where I was thinking that It will not come and land but it could so I ran away but it couldn’t ge me becaues it was in the water becaues it need water befor it ran out of water so I went home to get a good sleep.

  8. Ahhh, what a beautiful day to fish down at the stress free town called Merimbula. The water is so calm and clear, it’s like glass. So there has to be fish in here somewhere. But wait a minute, my rod is bouncing like it’s on a high jump trampoline! So I sprint to the bouncing rod and jerk it like a rope. When I reel it in I see this weird looking fish. Is it a fake? But I keep reeling when I see that it’s not a fish, It’s a worm! I completely screamed like I’m in a haunted house. Is this just some prank?

  9. 100 Word Challenge!!!! 11/9/2013
    Mrs Bradbury and 5/6B I have done my homework.
    What a beautiful day today and I was walking by the sandy beach and I saw on the bridge that a man was probably into fishing and he caught a fish or a few actually of times and I had a fishing rod in my hand so i went up there but i went on the jetty after I have asked the man if i can have some bait and with that bait what he have gave me is was the best bait ever to catch fish… The end

  10. One day I was fishing down by the lake with my two best friends Steve and Rick. As we were fishing something pulled the fishing rod from my hand. I reached to grab my fishing rod just before it fell in to the water. My friends came and helped me pull back on the fishing rod. As we reeled in our catch and saw what we had caught, we got such a fright. “What is it?” we said. “It isn’t in the books. Yes we may have discovered a new animal.” We call it Bob and we kept it.

  11. One gorgeous day, I was floating on top of the calm water, allowing my scales to soak up the warmth from the sun. Suddenly, dangling above me is a delicious worm, wriggling in front of my bulging eyes; I leap out of the cold water and snatch the juicy worm. I’m shocked when a hook pierces through my mouth and blood slips smoothly down my throat. I’m getting attacked as I get pulled out of the water. I come face to face with some large strange creature. The creature looks horrified when they see my razor sharp yellow teeth.

  12. One day i was walking to the beach and i see some thing weird it was like a school of fish but it was a ocean of fish.
    The next day i went back to the beach and it was normal again i don’t know what happened maybe it was just a dream.
    If it was real every one will be at the beach to go fishing and catch a fish straight away. OMG every one is at the beach Oh No it was real and every one is catching fish straight away.

  13. I was walking around the beach and I found something buried in the sand. I pulled it out, it was a big weird looking fish. I picked it up and it wiggled around in my hands so much that I dropped it in the water. I tried to grab it but I couldn’t catch it. So I looked for a different fish and thirty minutes later I found a red massive fish. It’s mouth locked onto my hand and it wouldn’t let go of me. I waited for it to die of suffocation because it was no longer in the water.

  14. There I was on the docks, with my mates doing a fishing competition when you have to try and catch the largest fish. I would all ways lose, but today I thought I was going to win. So we all throw our fishing nets. First Matt best mate got a bite, it was tiny. I new I could bet it. Then Tom got a bite it was only a bit bigger then Matt’s. Then it was Jessie, the one who always wins. Jessie fish was big. Then it was my tern, the fish I fought was biggest fish we have ever seen. I won!

  15. I was walking down the bay with my mum, dad, brothers and sisters looking for somewhere to go fishing. We were walking for three hours. I thought we were never going to find somewhere to go fishing. SUDENLY! There was a splashing in the distance. We found somewhere to go fishing. There was someone trying to pull in a big fish. He looked tired, we went to help him. We got the scared fish out of the water. We were so disgusted. It was squirming so we put it back in the water. The man was depressed to see the fish got put back.

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