100 Word Challenge 7/10

This time the prompt is a little different. You have 5 words and they each need to be put into a sentence. If you like, you could make a short story of them but you don’t have to if you prefer to just have 5 separate sentences. The words are:

Silver Snake Smiled Sausages Silly

This is due Friday 11th October 2013.


12 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge 7/10

  1. As I was walking home I walked pasted this silver long thing. I decided to go put my bag away and get out my igmagnitfine glass out so then I went back. Before I went back I went to go get a sausages I got two. One for now and the other one was for later so then I ran back. It was sliver and it was wiggling very weird and silly. I was walking for an hour and a half because it was so long. FINALLY I got to the end it was a. Snake ahh and it face is smiled.

  2. When I was doing my bronze star exam I was shaking like I was having a heart attack because everyone wanted to get to silver medal. But When I finished it I entered the other room and, jumped like I was in the high school musical movie and my mum slapped me silly! Just imagine that, if I passed I would have this massive party with enough sausages to sink a ship, and of cause, I would have a huge smile on my face. Also my grandmother would make one of her delicious chocolate ripple cakes in a shape of a snake.

  3. I walked in the bush I smiled at my friend and we keep on walking I get my bag and set up camp my mum got the tent up and there was a silver thing in the bush I looked and saw a spoon a old rusty spoon ew I show mum and she says leave it there I walk to get water out of the car and there is a snake I scream I get the water and run back I lay down in the tent I smell something wonderful and mouth watering I get up, I see some sausages i run out and sit i get three sausages. i get up and walk to the tent and fall on my buttom by a SNAKE silly me i say.

  4. I’m walking through forest, minding my own business. When a SILVER, shiny object is reflecting the sunlight into my face. I was over to it, and I suddenly feel something wrapping around my leg. I look down, and the SNAKE is tightening. I kick my leg, trying to fling it off, when the snake hisses and throws me a SMILE. I finally get it off, and I shake my head thinking; This is SILLY!
    “Anneliese GET UP NOW!!, Time for dinner, it’s SAUSAGES and mash tonight!” I look around my room, and realise… It was all just a dream… *Hiss*

  5. I went for a walk to the shops because I wanted to buy a real gold and purple ring with a silver diamond and it was $900. I was walking on my brother’s farm and there was grass that hadn’t been mowed in about 3 months and then all a sudden something bites me I look down and it was a snake so I screamed Help. Everyone smiled at the party. When I had a bbq I had 3 sausages in bread with tomato sauce. When I have lollies I go silly and really crazy and stay up really late.

  6. I was camping in a remote bush with my Pop. We went on a long long walked we told jokes and I SMILED everything he told a joke. We were walking in SILLY ways, first we walked like a chicken the we walked like a cat.. Purrr! When we got back it was dinner time so Pop cooked a BQQ with steaks and SAUSAGES in bread we stayed up eating marshmallows and s’mores they we’re so yummy. After that we went to bed.. I saw something SILVER.. I picked it up and it was a SNAKE I screamed. That night I was up all night.

  7. I was telling my mum that I wanted to cook sausages she said “don’t be silly”. I really wanted to cook them but suddenly my phone rang I wonder who it was. It was my best friend josh he said there was a silver snake in his backyard. I said call the snake handler. Time to get back to try to cook the sausages. I was half way cooking the sausages when mum said we were have something else for tea I said to myself I should of asks what was for tea.

  8. There I was out in the bush with my family. We went for a hike and we spotted a silver rock. We took it back to camp site and wondered if it was painted. We went to bed in our tents. Suddenly I herd a scream, I went to see what it was. It was a fake snake, my son pulled a prank on his sister, silly him.We smiled with joy because we thought it was real snake. We had sausages and bacon for breakfast it was yum. We packed up our stuff and decided to home.

  9. I was walking in the bush smiled at my friend but there was snake behind her when she was walking to me I said that’s he had a snake on her back it was silver snake she put it on the ground and then we walking back to the camping place where we were for tea time we had Sausages but the in the morning the silly snake was eat the last night Sausages what was on the ground. So we home so the snake couldn’t find us at home.

  10. I was going to walk to the closest milk bar but when I saw a strange man with his pet snake hissing at me. So I run I can incase the man was trying to grab me, I quickly run into the milk bar but there were some men In the shop with silver jackets and like a bike gang ordering sausages they said to me “do you want some” I ran the gang smiled like I was silly. Keep running I was getting dehydrated everything I saw was sliver. I woke up in my bed at 8:00 it’s like nothing had happened.

  11. I was so silly when I went fishing I forgot the bait and the fish smiled at me. So I went home and did not go fishing. When I got home it was time to have dinner. I had no fish for dinner so I just went to bed ZZZZ!. I was soon awoken because a snake went into my bed so I screamed! It was a silver snake was in my bed. I got my pillow and hit the snake. I was scared so I ran and went to my friend house to sleep there. When I went home the snake was dead.

  12. I was playing in the backyard and it was getting so annoying so I went to the park with my brother Nathaniel and my two nieces Nikita and Harmonie. So as we were walking to the park I saw some thing crazy it was a silver snake smiled sausages silly. I don’t know why she was so smiley anyway we all arrived at the park and had so much fun. The next day we went to the park again and we saw another silver snake smiled sausage silly so annoying.

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