Melbourne Camp 2013

What a great week we have had on camp.
I will be forever haunted by myself screaming, ‘Get to the Left!!’
You were all very well behaved and impressed all your group leaders, so you should be pleased with yourselves.
Please check out all the other grades blogs and see if you can find yourself.






















14 thoughts on “Melbourne Camp 2013

  1. I think the photos look great especially the jail room 17.

    I liked the the TRIPLE MMM room that looked over the MCG. The view would be amazing!!

    I think the best one is the orang-tan because they are awesome. My second favourite animal is the orang-tan

  2. I loved the Melbourne Camp. We had so many things to do and I loved all of them. My favourite was Scienceworks because not only did we do fun activities but I also learnt a few new things about how things work. I was in the optical illusions section and in of the tricks there was a picture of shapes, and then a blank square in the center. It said that your mind makes the rest of the shapes, meaning there isn’t a blank square!!

  3. I really liked the Melbourne camp. We went to FANTASTIC places. I would have to say Science Works was my favourite because I learnt about Abourinals and what the stars repesent. We also learnt about how to make lightning and how lightning starts. My feelings about Science Works was it was the AMAZINGEST thing I have ever saw. When we went to the MCG I was very exited because that was the first time I have ever went. I like how they have really nice guides at the MCG to show you around because we nearly got to see everything. My feelings about the MCG was it was so MAGNIFICENT.

  4. Ahh the zoo, my favouroute thing in all of Melbolurne. The zoo is so huge you can’t go to every single animal in the one day! My favouroute animal that is there will have to be the meahcats. It was funny because right on the top of the wood structure there was one watching and on patrol. He or she was looking at me funny because I was about to take a photo. But the orangatangs were so funny and cute at the same time. Two of then were fighting over blangkets! Which made sence because it was pouring but you can’t blame the zoo for that. Also one wasa smiling through the window at Miss Stailey. I can go forever about this zoo but I can’t explain every single because we didn’t go to every single animal.

  5. The zoo was pretty cool. I did enjoy the orang-tans because they are my favourite animals. One of the orang-tangs hid in a bag! The seal show was really awesome. How much training would have the seal needed to be an “actress”. At the end of the show when the seal jumped up and touched the box with the tip of her nose was amazing. It was a shame that it was raining. It was good weather for the rest of the camp. So that was good. I liked the zoo. It was fun.

  6. I think that the orang-tangs were funny when to be in the bag.
    I like when the orang-tangs was look at the people it is funny.
    I like when we were at the park at night.
    I like when they were at the M.C.G.
    When they were at the Melbourne zoo I like when the lizard was look at the widow.
    I love the seal show when they was jump in and out of the water.

  7. Ayom
    I like the orang-tan becuase it looks funny and its face looks all Squashy
    I liked the Archery because one day I want to do Archery.

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