100 word challenge

Hi everyone!
This week we have an image you need to think carefully about and describe how it may have occurred? Or who it may be? I think you will have fun being creative with this one. It is due Friday November 8th. Good luck!


11 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. I was on an plane, with my back facing the open door, and a skinny man holding a gun to my face. He was yelling over the noise of the plane “Jump Sam”. So I did. I grabbed a parachute and jumped. He jumped after me. He got on my back and started to pull off my parachute. His plan succeeded, and he jumped head first. He pulled the cord but it didn’t work. He plummeted to his death into a pond head first. I landed in a pillow truck, jumped out and bolted over to the half-corpse. I saw…

  2. I was hanging on a hot day with my friends and we are walking past the beautiful lake. As we walk past the lake we wondered what has happened. Is it a statue; Is it a real person trying to act like a statue with a snorkel? Or is it just a fake person that crashed into the lake? We thought that if it was a statue wouldn’t it have a sign why it is there? When we leave we keep talking about it and we keep wondering what it is. When we get home I research it and it doesn’t come up as anything? Hmmmmm?

  3. As I was walking by the pond I saw two boots sticking out of the water. I was worried that it was a person drowning over the water. I yelled out help, help to see if someone would come to help. A person came and helped me to get the person out of the water to see if they were alive and if it was alive and called ambulance. So when the ambulance came they pulled the person out but it was alive it was a mannequin. I thought I was in trouble but I wasn’t in trouble because it looked so real.

  4. As I was walking to a lovely lake. I was walking around it and then something caught the corner of my eye. So then I walked closer till I got in the middle. It was two let and it had two shoes and blue jeans. Who would it be? So I rang the police. Then I took a photo and sended it to them as soon as they saw it the came speeding down. Who could it be? Where did he/she come from? So than they founded it out thank you they gave me a 1000 dollar gift voucher. It was Ned Kelly’s missing foot.

  5. Dead. Just laying there, right in front of me was my husband. I started to feel numb, my mind awfully filled with thoughts and emotions. I fall to my knees, and I shake John. But I know he’ll never wake up. I clench onto his corpse, and I begin to drag him to my car, while tears are gushing down my face. I turn the keys, and I begin to drive to an old lake John used to love. I pull up, grab his body and throw him into the lake. He slowly sinks, legs sticking up. I wave goodbye, and laugh. Once a cheater.. Always a cheater..

  6. I walk by a lake and it was legs coming out of it , I shake them they were fake I take a photo and send it to my awesome best friend she asks if they are real I say no shaking my head I was walking and saw them at first but they look so real I think. I walk home and go to my awesome house I lay down thinking about the legs the water I go to dleep and all I San think about is the legs. I need help……

  7. Wow I love the river. It makes me feel peaceful relaxed and cooled down when your in this 400 degree weather. Actually I might go for a swim. Wait I got no bathers… Oh what the hell I’ll just go in my cloths. Whoa, that’s a huge black hoooooooooaaahhahhhaahha. I must of tripped over a stump and has fallen in this science lab I think…. “wHat are you doing in my lairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” What???? this must be some lair from my angle because I’m upside down. “I shall be surprized for a boy like you hereeeee” What a strange unicorn that is. And a ugly one two. Whait what are these electric bolts, what wait AHHHHH………..

  8. It is a kid alien in diseguise in the water and the kid alien is there to scare poeple in water and it is crazy in the water and it is weird photo in the water, the people are scared moment inside a home.

  9. One day I was walking with my friend when we saw something strange sticking out of the pond in the park. I said “What is that?” He said “I don’t know, but let’s go and check it out.” So we ran to the pond. “AHHHHHH!” he screamed. “What is it? It looks so cool” I said. “Cool? You think this is cool, you’re crazy” my friend said. I began to laugh and said “I’m only joking”. We looked at it for a few seconds and realised it was a man who had drowned in the pond and his legs were sticking up out of the water. So we called the police.

  10. I was about to see how deep the pond was. I jumped into see but my head got stuck in the dirt. But I couldn’t find anything around so I just tried to swim to the surface. When I spotted in the corner of my eye a pair of legs sticking out of the water wearing a pair of gumboots. I wriggled my head free from the dirt and I quickly swam to the surface. I told my friend that I found a pair of legs sticking out of the water , and he laughed , but it was just a prank by the local kids.

  11. I was walk past a lake and I was getting a drink and saw some legs with shose and I move back and trip over a rock I was try to find away out but it was no good there was only rows and rows of trees I came closer to the lake and then a head pop out and said how have you been I sream ar ar what was next?

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