NSW Bushfires


What should happen to people who do this?

(even when they are 11 and 15 years old?)

Claim Support Question

1. Make a claim about the topic

2. Identify support for your claim

3. Ask a question related to your claim


Time lapse shows a fire crawling across Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia. The images were taken on October 17 from the Peninsula Rural Fire Brigade site and Sunshine Point looking over to the east side of Lake Macquarie. The audio over the video is from emergency services radio. Credit: gwizzProductions. The fires are expected to get worse today after they merged


11 thoughts on “NSW Bushfires

  1. I think that they should get community service for over 2000 hours, and fine their parents, and it would teach the kid/teens to not do such a silly thing.

    I think that it is absolutely horrible that they killed all of those people and animals.

    I think this because they are only 11 and 15, and there was no reason to kill them.

    Why did they start they start the fire?

  2. I think these boys should be fined and the pay should come out of there allowance. Or they should have to help clean up the mess they made. Imagine how many people they killed by lighting the fire! I know somebody would have died because the fire was so big. What was the boys actual punishment?

  3. Their parents should be charged because the parents are the ones that raised them even if they didn’t know where they were they still should have asked them what they are doing before they leave. My claim is that I bet the parents didn’t even know where they are because if the parents knew what they were doing then none of this would happen, the parents would have said no and told them to do something else. Anyway why would they do such a thing? It’s not likely that these people would do such a thing.

  4. I think the boys who started the bushfire their parents should be charged for letting the teenagers start a fire.
    I think the teenagers should go to court.

  5. I think the 15 year old and the 11 year old Mums and Dads should be charged because lots of people died and house,cars got burnt.
    It was sad and terrble to hear the news.

  6. Their parents should get charged for their children/child who started and destroyed this piece of land, because they were the ones that should be paying for them and they were the ones that raised them. People should be fire ready. My claim is that all parents should know where their children are at all times, they should have told their parents what they were doing and where there going and when saying that you’re going somewhere and not lying. What are they going to be punished for?

  7. I personally think that the boys should have to pay a sum of money into the account of the fire help committee each time they get paid in the form of a long term fine. I think the amount of money should be around $100 a week. This would then go to people to help with the clean-up. I wonder where the parents were when the 11 year old and 15 years old lit the fire

  8. 1. I think the two boys who stated the bush fire should go to juvey and get punished to learn their lesson from ending people’s life. I think there parents should get charged for letting their kids out and doing this they might of not known but it’s still the blame because they raised their child. When their kids go out they should tell them what’s right or what’s wrong.
    2. I believe that the govement should pay more money to the fire fighters so they have the right equipment to use the fire and to make it disappear quickly. Instead of it not working and people are losing there life’s.

  9. It believe that the people who decided to cause destruction in others life’s should get some sort of punishment that will get them thinking about what they have done. Some of these things they can do is; community work in the areas they have affect and the areas affect by other disasters to see the damage they have caused and the damage that natural disasters can cause. They could also start a youth group to help teenagers and kids like them from doing these sorts of things to the community. I would like to wonder what influenced the children’s behaviour to cause this mass destruction? What do the parents think about there unruly actions?

    Ms Bradbury I don’t get what you mean by Make a claim about the topic. Identify support for your claim. Ask a question related to your claim could you please explain what you mean.

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