100 Word Challenge

This weeks 100 word challenge is looking at at a series of cartoon faces and writing an appropriate post to explain it.
Good luck. It is due on Friday 29th November.


10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. He was just behind me. A fast, skinny man, wearing a grubby, pinstriped suit. He had weapons hidden in every pocket. He pulled out his gun, and bullets whizzed past my head. He pulled a dagger out of his long, black hair. He threw it with all his force, and cut of the hair on top of my head. He jumped impossibly high, landed in front of me, and put out his hands. A coloured force field blasted from his fingers; I could not stop so I ran into it. I woke up in a place, a strangely familiar placeā€¦

  2. I see him running towards us. We run and run from him , I see his jacket pocket open he pulls out a weapon and starts waving in the air at us. I tell my friend to keep running and don’t look back.. We turn a corner but he is still there BAM!! I trip and he catches me, I tell my friend keep running and get help so she does. He keeps me hostage for a number of days, I try to escape but he threatens me. Until finally someone comes and helps me escape. He was arrested for abduction and harm to anther human being.

      • Thanks Chantell’s……..SISTER

        Here’a my 100 word challenge.

        I hear a crack, then a screech and start screaming my head off. I can just tell it’s him, I can just tell. He will haunt us down and sooner or later get kidnaped! I feel so cold and frosted I could freeze to death. AHH, what was that I hope it wasn’t him. I wonder why this guy just wants to keep vanishing everyone. Plus my buddy is just thinking itā€™s paradise. To me, this is like Slender in real life. OH GOD! A spooky face right in front of my face. What does this mean? Wait, what AHHHH.

  3. i see him running up right behind me a ugly skinny man with a wearing a grubby face running. i run as fast i can to leave this place, but i look back and he is still there i think very fast to find a way out of here. i get out of the place and i am on the sreet and i see no on behind me i am scared to look back to the sreet if he is in front of me

  4. 100 Word Challenge
    As my round eyes stare at the sun my eyes watered I did not want to look away it was too beautiful. So then it became night noooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooo nooooooooooo sun come back. The next morning when I woke up I could not see it was all blurry ahhh I cant see help help help please as I screamed. Why donā€™t people help for this poor man help are you guys crazy. So I was walking back my eyes cleared ahhh thereā€™s this creepy man leave me. You crazy man get your own life as I was running.

  5. I can’t seem to get up the link, and every time I search up the 100 Word Challenge, “Google Frame Plug-in is unavailable”

  6. Far far far away in a land nobody knows about, lives a bug thats so deadly, it gives you a rash which soon turn into a bruise, then the body part it started on start becoming numb soon dead for ever. All the bug has to do is bite you and then it starts. The bug is so tiny that you have to wear some sort of spiecal glasses to see where its going. Untill now some in space a comet into earth it destroyed the bugs island. Meaning the at the bug was going to have to find new land somewhere else.

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