100 Word Challenge-Due 6/12

This week the 100 word challenge goes back to normal. It is a sentence prompt.
…and then the noise stopped…

Please place the above piece of text into a descriptive paragraph. Remember, your writing must flow and make sense to its readers. Remember to proof read it before publishing it. It is due on Friday 6th of December. Good luck!


9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge-Due 6/12

  1. Something was rattling upstairs and then the noise stopped. I was in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, on a mission from the CIA ( the Super-Natural Division). In recent months, there had been complaints of rattling noises in their houses. I went up in darkness. I opened the creaky door and entered. There was scribbled writing on the walls in blood-red. I touched it. It gave me a feeling that shivered down my spine. I crept up to the bed, which had a body shape imprinted on the spread. Then it came and jumped. I ran. Darkness closed in.

  2. As I was walking like normal llallalaallal. I stop because I heard a strange noise i was trying to go in the direction I could hear it from but it sounded like it was going around me. I looked up. I looked down. I yelled what is that whistle noise. All the way home I could hear it is was so tired and so annoyed as soon as I waked in to the house. I literately dropped to the ground. I woke up in the morning and all I could hear was whistle whats that noise.- To be continued in the future da da daaaa

  3. I was walking down the street on Halloween and as I knocked on a haunted houses door I heard this really scary noise I screamed for help but no one could hear. I’m stuck in a haunted house pitch black and most likely full of huntsmen’s I shake with fear as I start walking something touches my head and I pull it and it turns a light on. All the sudden I hear a big crack there is giant pineapples standing in front of me I run for my life and it is chasing me and then I realise it was all a dream.

  4. ?? What’s that noise, it’s like a spider trying to make it’s web but failing very miserably. I hope to god it’s not a T.V, I always fall for that and I’m completely over it with my friends doing that. It’s getting louder and louder, now it is like someone scratching their nails on a chock board. OUCH. Don’t you just hate that noi……There was a big BANG and then the noise stoped like a youtube video that is really loud and then gets an error. “HOW DARE YOU COME TO MY HOUSE” What?? Who the heck is talking hmmm???!!?

  5. I was walking down my street with my girls for a night out on the town, when we get near a old street, at first it was normal we have them all over town but this one was different very very different. We start to walk down the street bit then I hear someone but it was not us then it starts the screams of death????we run to save her then and then the noise stopped…. Why I ask my self why could I don’t help her she was in som much pain dyeing because of me i could not save her………

  6. I was sleeping and then I herd a noise… And then the noise stopped.. I went up stairs to see what it was. It was a big fat mouse with a red apple in his mouth. It was trying to get into the hole in the kitchen, but it couldn’t fit. So it was banging the apple on the wall to try and make the hole bigger. I put a mouse trap next to but it didnt do anything. The mouse hit the wall again. He was sleeping I think. I picked it up by it tail and chucked out the window. I went back to sleep.

  7. I woke up in my bed with a noise at my window. I got up and I walked to the window and then the noise stopped. I open the window and I looked outside but there was nothing. I closed the window and walked back to my bed, and then the noise came back. I said with anger “go away and don’t come back” and it stopped. After a minute I hear a girl laugh but it was inside the house. I sat up so fast and got out of my bed and ran to the door and open it up slowly “AHHHHH”…

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