Want A Class Party? -Persuade Me!

Thanks to Anneliese’s brilliant idea, you must all now write me a letter trying to persuade me to allow our grade to have a class party to celebrate the end of our busy year.
This letter is due by next Friday 13th December. If not everyone responds and completes this homework. It will not be happening, so I suggest you keep reminding each other to do your homework!


15 thoughts on “Want A Class Party? -Persuade Me!

  1. Why do all our teachers especially Ms Bradbury get as much food as they want? Oh and why don’t us, humble children get nothing in return? I know we have lunch with the teachers and the chips but only two or five people get it every week. Then everyone else just gets boring old homework. So why can’t we switch things up and have a class party to pay off all our annoying work.

    First of all as I said before, we just get given homework every week and is to be done at the end of the week. Do you really think we are meant to do a paragraph long piece of something? I am literally over it to do it every god dam week and has to have description. We don’t know any great descriptive words according to you guys. What about these words. Irate, magnificent, furious, scrumptious and something I might use in a sentence. “Time to do your preliminary theory.” Know what that means?

    Now I think the people with the leadership rolls should get one because we are being the roll models of the little ones and helps them in need. For example which you say the house captains help all the Prep one twos if they feel lonely or want to have fun or is getting bullied. But there is also the Junior School Councillors that fix the bullying and also helps with the old people t Margery Cole and has fundraisers for everyone. They are working their little buts off and getting nothing in return at all. I know the house captains didn’t do yard duty for a while but we did give you something in return which was actually doing our job and doing our best to give the little ones a good time.

    Lastly, the run. You teachers tell us to run and run and run every day. You really expect us to run a whole lap around our school without stop. Do you guys want us to end up in the hospital with a heart attack or something or are you doing this so you can just make fun of us? Sometimes we have to do it is the soggy, wet rain and you don’t care. I know it improves our fitness but you did say last year was the run to London then you would stop when you got there. Apparently not. Right now we have probably made it to London and back three times and everyone is completely OVER IT!!!!
    So those are my reasons why we should have a class party and pay off this hard year. I hope to god everyone else does there piece or I will go completely bonkers the next day and you will wish I wasn’t there. How do of me now??? Maybe watch tis YouTube clip and see what teacher you are.

  2. I think we should have a class party because we are wonderful student hey and guess what you won’t have to wast your money that day byeing lunch or you don’t need to eat our lunch. We will have the best time we could play limbo and do a disco party. Dance with the teacher. Guess what I will bring THOUSANDS OF TWISTIES TO GO AROUND. This would be the big memory for the grade 6’s and the mst best one our pretty crazy beautiful DRAMA QUEEN ANNELIESE WITH A A AT THE END. You will love it just chill and relax and love twistie. we could watch movie for an example who’s your daddy who’s yah daddy ah I am yah daddy hahah. You will love it we are an amazing student. we should just be your favourite classroom remember your birthday we love you so much your our school mummy. We deserve this I will bring you that many twisties that you think that you are the queen of twisties. We are wonderful to your. you are our school mummy. Just think about som kids and wait you can bring your cat dress him up as puss in boots and we could do a play do you know how amazing it would be. we could preform and we could be on X factor ANNELIESE you are the best of thinking of this. Look how much time 56 b spended on doing this we all believe in our self that we can get a class party.

  3. Dear Ms Bradbury,
    I think we should have a class party to celebrate our busy year of all our hard work we have done and all the good times we have had this year and to say goodbye to all the grade sixes going to high school next year and for the fives to celebrate going to grade 6 next year. It would be good to do because we have never had a class party in our grade and we should do it in our P.Js and watch movies all day and it would be the best memory for the grade sixes. Please Ms Bradbury.

  4. Dear Ms Bradbury
    I think the grade 5-6’s should get an end of year party to say good bye to friends and teachers.
    I think we all deserve it especially the school captains, hose captains, junior school captains and the environmentalist who have been working for the school for more than 10 yrs. We have been working and working to get the hot chip lunch and the teacher’s lunch and I think you should let go and have a magnificent party. I’ve never really had a class party with food we only played games.

  5. I think that we should have a class Party because well some of the people in a grade do the weekly homework and they but time in to their day when they can be on YouTube watching videos or being with their family but we have never had a class Party in this whole year , I have only had it once it will be good to have a class party cause it can be a Magnificent time for that Grade 6s going off to high School next year and to remember the fun time they had at our school.

    Well it will be fun it have a class party with music, food, fun and we can have a Party!! And we can bring food to our class room, we can make the room like we are at a party with crazy hats and ropes and FOOD {sorry had to} we can dance and sing with Mrs Bradbury and sing Firework, we can also dance and Andy can dance for us and so us how to tap dance!

  6. I think that we should have a class party because there only 2 week of left the school before I head off to high school that is why we should have a class party. (1) The other class like Miss Cook is having a class party so I Know that you would share your chocolate. It is our turn to share our food and you can join in the class party. (2) There are not many of the grades 6 in this class’s our room for next year. It’s going to be didffent for us. (3) it will be fun for us you will like it, Anneliese put all her effort to make your to have class party So it up to you and it is nearly Christmas, we will like to have one this year

  7. Dear Ms Bradbury,
    I absolutely believe you should give 5/6b a class party because we haven’t had one ally year. The class behave has been good most of the year. Also all the grade sixes in 5/6b should have a sending off party before they go to high school. It will remind them of the grate times of when they were in primary school. It will be a big memory for the grade sixes because it will be the last class party for the grade sixes. We are wonderful children and we hope you feel the same way. I hope I have persuaded you to let us have a class party.

  8. If we have a class party the grade 6 would have the best time before they have to go to high school with the class, Ms Bradbury and Mr Filo and Wednesday the 8th if we all do our homework.

    I think that we should have a class party because we have look after you and you have look after us. We feed you with chicken twisty and different food what can eat on us.

    We should have a class party in our class because we have work all year but we have not had a class party. We all would wish to have a class party so the grade 6 could have a good time with you at their prep year to grade 6 are their last year of school at Liddiard Road Primary School.

    We would love to have a class party at school because we have bed great all year to have a class party. All what we done for you like 100 words challenge, O.W.I and different homework to on the blog for you.

  9. Hello, 5/6B and Mrs Bradbury,
    I strongly belive that WE SHOULD HAVE A class paty because we have been very good and we are the only best grade u had I think we make u laugh we make u smile and most of all some of us childeren give u candy or food xoxo Abby

  10. We, hardworking students deserve a class party. Would you not give us one, Ms Bradbury even if not everybody does their homework? Even if it means that some people will have to sit out and watch everybody else feast.
    Firstly, we have not had a class party all year. Other classes had one on the first week. We have been waiting and waiting for a class party. We do hard work every single day. Some people are going crazy when other classes, especially Mrs Smythe’s grade. It’s like they have one nearly every WEEK. It’s getting over the top. We wait all year, hopping that you will be sympathetic and let us party, and you just turn us down. It’s in other grades where all the trouble is, and they have more parties than us. That is uncalled for. It seems that they are getting rewarded for being naughty. It has been agreed by Ernie, Daniel, and ME. I am sick of not having one. We deserve one. Not a small party. An all-day Class party.
    Secondly, teachers get to eat as much as they want. It’s not great, because we slave over our work 24/7. We have to do math every day, seriously who knows 67×98 of by heart. We have slaved over our work and teachers just sit back, relax, and eat chocolate and/or lollies. We ALWAYS do what you tell us to, so why not let us have a reward in the form of a class party. Nearly all of us do our homework every week. Some of us have never forget to do our homework.
    Finally, the
    run and inquiry day sucks. You make us do the run every day even if it is pouring. We deserve to be rewarded for our efforts. People hate inquiry day, yet we continue to do it. Why do we do inquiry day and the run if nobody likes it? Especially if people finish early and then help others finish their stuff.
    Do you think we deserve a party?

  11. We should have a partyand we are happy for us to have a nice party at school and it is a good idea to do a classroom party and it is to dress up nice at party .

  12. Dear Ms Bradbury,
    I think we all should have a class party because…
    One, don’t you want all of the grade 6’s to remember you as the best teacher ever (which you are)?
    Two, you aren’t the cross eyed teacher you are the “coolest” teacher.
    Three, because we all are done this homework.
    Four, and because it is the grade 6’s last class party for this year.
    Five, because we are SPECIAL and especially me.
    In conclusion you want to be the best teacher in the world (which you are), you are the best teacher ever, we all have done our best to complete the homework and it will be the last class party for all the grade 6’s in primary school this year and because WE ARE SPECIAL (especially me).

  13. 5/6B, 2013 is coming to an end. We’ve had our ups and downs, but our class has grown close into a family. A family that will never forget each other, no matter how far we go in life. Ms Bradbury, in honour of our classroom I believe we should have a class party to celebrate our grade’s wonderful year in 2013.

    A class party would be an amazing time for us to sit down and discuss our year and what we’ve achieved. To talk about us moving on next year, and the year sixes would be able to say their goodbyes. A class party would be an ideal way to end this crazy, yet wonderful year.

    Our grade has never had a class party before, which is quite sad. But, yet again we’ve been given the opportunity to have one at the very end of the year and we all want one. Just remember, green twisties will be there. Our grade has been dedicated to each other, and we’ve grown closer friendships. We should be able to say goodbye in a way that is fun!

    2013 is coming to an end, and unfortunately the year sixes will no longer be here. They’ll be off starting a new journey through highschool and we’ll be able to spend quality time with the family they’ve bonded with.

  14. Mrs Bradbury,
    I think we should be allowed to hold a class party. Why?
    Firstly I think we should be allowed to have a class party because we have nearly all done our homework throughout the year and only some individuals have not done it. We should be allowed to hold a class party on Wednesday because we have all mostly decided to do this homework except for 3 of us so I don’t think the others should suffer from our laziness and they should have a class party and we should sit out. This shows that the people who do their homework are dedicated and want to do it. While the people who don’t do their homework work aren’t as dedicated and don’t really care about it.
    I think that we deserve a class party because we have done some great work throughout the year and we have mostly come up to your higher standards this term. We are one of the most behaved classes in this unit and we have matured in how we act in certain situations through live.
    We have all decided to turn up to school all year unless we have been sick or had other more important things to do like; appointments, weddings or funerals. and not slack of and just decide not to come to school.
    Finally you have been a wonderful teacher and for all students a role model, would you want this years grade 6’s to not have a class party, think about it. What are you saying to them…
    This concludes why I think we should have a class party.

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