Xmas 2013

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas Day. I was alone until 5:30 when my kids came home from their dads. But we have had a fun night so far, and eaten far too much.
Tell me..what did you get? Who did you spend your day with?







4 thoughts on “Xmas 2013

  1. HEY Ms Bradbury,
    Hope you had an awesome Christmas spent with family and friends. Here is what we did Christmas week. The day before Christmas mum come home from a two hour long “shopping trip” but she actually brought a PUPPY DOG. She is a little foxy and her name is Sasha. She came all the way from Leongattha and she is 2 months old. We take her everywhere with us.
    On Christmas morning we got up about 7:30-8:00 because Emma woke us up. We all got up and unwrapped our presents. Which Sasha also helped by running away with the wrapping paper, I got a Nerf rebelle gun, lots if hand cream and bath and body works pack. I also got a slushie maker from my uncle, a iPod case, foam stickers that have BOW TIES in there. I also got a little Lego set that is a tiny turtle 🙂 we got this thing where we can make dinosaurs out if giant, fluffy pipe cleaners!
    After that we cleaned to and I wrapped presents for cousins and my uncles and aunts. When I was finished I went to my Nan and pops house for lunch I met up with my cousins that I haven’t seen in years. We had lunch and played games. Then we went home and relaxed for an hour then we went to Alana’s house for dinner and it was yum we had pork,chicken, beef, ham vegetables and more.
    On Boxing Day my family and I went to my pops house because it was his birthday and we got to see my other cousins who couldn’t come on Christmas. This was my Christmas week😊

  2. Your children are spoiled Ms Bradbury. I got a lot of video games of course :P. plus I got heaps of adventure time stuff for example a Jake hat and two T-shirts so you could say I was spoiled. 😀

  3. Hey everyone! It’s getting closer to us starting a new year in school and I can say I miss you all heaps. I’ll be visiting L.R.P.S whenever I can.

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