Student Leadership Position- Homework Week 1

All senior unit students will get the opportunity to apply for leadership positions within the school, unit or their class.

Below is a list of what you are able to apply for. All students need to apply for at least one position.

Junior School Council – A very important and responsible position within the school. Roles include being a voice for your grade to share student ideas, looking after the friendship garden, visiting Majory Cole, organising bins, etc.

House Captain – Another important role which will require students to organise teams for school sports, promote fair play during school sports and play times, run lunch time activities, speak in front of large audiences and collect house points.

Environmentalist – This role will require students to look after the school’s vegetable garden and be leaders by showing the school community how to respect and care for schools environment.

ICT monitor – The ICT monitor will be in charge of collecting the laptop, netbook or iPad trolleys when instructed by their teacher. They will also need to ensure that all ICT equipment is packed up properly, locked and charged.

Class library monitor – The library monitor will need to ensure that the class library stays tidy and organised.

Lunch Order Monitor – The lunch order monitor will need to go to the office every lunch time and collect the lunch orders, hand them out to the students and then return the tub to the office.

Gallery Monitor – The gallery monitor will get a small amount of time each week to ensure the unit’s gallery is tidy and organised.

Each student will need to write a speech for one of the above positions explaining why they would be a responsible student for their chosen position.

The JSC speeches will be the first conducted. They will be held on Friday the 31st of January.

The speeches will be your homework for week 1 and will need to be submitted to your teacher by 31-1-2014.


2 thoughts on “Student Leadership Position- Homework Week 1

  1. Hey, my name is Loki and I’d like to become Junior School Councillor.
    My reasons for being a Junior School Councillor are so I can try out some new things and help people in different ways. If someone out in the yard isn’t being respectful I’ll handle the situation as mature as I can and if not I’ll leave it to the teacher. I’m organised, always on time, respectful to kids my age and people older than me. I’m always up for a chat and willing to listen and help people who are upset and sad. I’m a funny person who will always cheer you up. Please vote for me as your Junior School Councillor because I promise to show pride in my job. Good luck to the other people and vote for me.

  2. Hi!
    As you may know I am a former student of L.R.P.S and Mrs Bradbury was my year six teacher. You are all very lucky to have her as a teacher, she will set you up for year 6 and 7. She is always there if u need help.
    Having a role in the school is a very important thing, it’s where you can show your responsibility, courage and it shows how you can cope under curtain circumstances. I had two roles in my last year of primary school, junior school counseler and reading tutor. I earned these roles, I had good grades, set high standards for the level and quality of my work. Take pride in who you are and what you want to do. Having respect and manners takes you along way! If you want a leadership role here are some tips:
    1 Have good manners.
    2 Being responsible.
    3 Have good quality work and set high standards for your work and how you want to be.
    4 Don’t let other people change your decision. It’s your choice to step up and be a leader!
    Finally make sure you are in time to Meetings, sessions etc.. And show you deserve that role in the school.

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