Sunday with General Iceburg!

Today was a much quieter day with the General. It was extremely hot and we had lots of smoke to deal with around the town due to many closeby Bushfires 😦 so we stayed home and did a bitnof shopping. But the General.was extremely well behaved this weekend and Alex loved having him. He can visit us anytime he likes. 🙂


Another morning watching Youtube with Alex.


He helped me mow the lawns, as only id be crazy enough to mow my grass when its 38C!!


Then he noticed the first signs of dark smoke in the air.


Off we went to Bunnings to buy a new hose and sprinkler. Just incase!


We went to Woolies to get our school supplies for lunches. He almost went through the scanner!


By time we got back in the car the smoke in town was thick and dark. He got a bit frightened but  Alex looked after him.


When we got home the sky was thick of smoke and the sun was eerie and red. So we went inside and tried to relax and mum got dinner ready.


Roast chicken tonight for tea. We are all very tired and the house smells of smoke, but hopefully everyone will be safe.
General Iceburg has been a delight to have sleep over at our house. Thank you Mrs Joyce and Grays Creek Middle School. 🙂


One thought on “Sunday with General Iceburg!

  1. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    General Iceburg has spent a fabulous weekend with Alex, Mrs Bradbury and Alex’s brother Ben. Today has been a very scary day as our town Traralgon has been surrounded by out of control bushfires. As we wait throughout the night to see what the morning brings.

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