Writing-What is the 100 Word Challenge?

Each week we are going to complete the 100 word challenge as part of our independent writing for the week.
This piece of writing is an online global competition, where students from around the world post their writing in response to the weekly topic. This topic may be based around a photo, a sentence we need to write a paragraph about, a video, or a cartoon.
It is up to YOU to be as imaginative as you can and create a short, sharp piece of writing, as close to 100 words as possible, that will suck your reader in and make them want to keep reading.
The key to making your work enjoyable to read is using strong, emotive language.
We will make an Anchor chart of these Tier Two words you can refer back to each week to complete your 100 word challenge.
This week we are going to try and place this sentence into a piece of writing. What ideas can you come up with?
Write them in your writer’s notebook.

… this was no ordinary ice cream…


One thought on “Writing-What is the 100 Word Challenge?

  1. I was so excited I was going out for my 13th birthday, got all dressed up and ready to go out. We went to this really fancy, sparkly restaurant. They has the most amazing meals, chicken that would melt in your mouth and they had a beautifully decorated lobby area and seating area. We went to get ice cream but… This was no ordinary ice cream. It had chocolate flakes, popping candy and more amazing ice creams that you could only imagine I felt like I was in heaven the best thing was that you have as much as you want!

    Thought I would comment and help them out on what to do! 🙂

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