What makes a GOOD Inquiry Question?

In your groups, brainstorm five essential questions based on the topic ‘Appropriate use of Social Media’. You will then pick one question to choose as your essential question. After you have picked your essential question, each group will need to come up with a hypothesis for their question.


I found this information from this webiste:


Good questions are at the heart of good inquiry. They should be higher-order, rich, worthy, essential and/or fertile. They are often open-ended (have no right or wrong answer) but are backed by subsidiary questions which are usually closed. Get the initial question right and the rest of the inquiry flows well.

Open – there are several different or competing answers.

Undermining – makes the learner question their basic assumptions.

Rich – Cannot be answered without careful and lengthy research. Usually able to be broken into subsidiary questions.

Connected – relevant to the learners.

Charged – has an ethical dimension

Practical – Is able to be researched given the available resources.

I expect that when you are forming your inquiry questions, you consider all of these points. These all form good questions. If you have already created your inqiury question, I would like…

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