Week 5 Homework Task

Mr Price's Classroom

Hello Everyone..welcome to the homework task for week five.

This week’s homework task involves using some of the research you have begun to do for this term’s inquiry unit.

I’d like you to choose from one of the following forms of social media and tell me at least four things you have found out about it.

  • Social Networks – Services that allow you to connect with other people of similar interests and background.  Usually they consist of a profile, various ways to interact with other users, ability to setup groups, etc. The most popular are Facebook and LinkedIn.1
  • Bookmarking Sites1 – Services that allow you to save, organize and manage links to various websites and resources around the internet.  Most allow you to “tag” your links to make them easy to search and share.  The most popular are Delicious and StumbleUpon.
  • Social News – Services that allow people to post…

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12 thoughts on “Week 5 Homework Task

  1. I’m a choosing the form “social network”

    1. 91%of mobile users only use social media on their phones.

    2. 93% of marketers/businesses use social media for a business.

    3. The average teenager uses one of their social media apps/browsers 5-6 times a day.

    4. There are more than 1,000,000 unique YouTube users a month.

  2. Im doing social media.
    1. 79% reach for their phone within 15 min of waking up.
    2. Every one second 11 facebook accounts get opened.
    3.Google+ has over 925,000 new users everyday.
    4.40% of people socialize more online than they do face to face.
    5. Social media is the number 1 activity on the web
    6. 1 million accounts are added to twitter everyday
    7. The main social networks are facebook twitter google and you tube however these are not welcome in China.
    8. Babies in Egypt have been named facebook and twitter

  3. 79% of people check their phone within 15 min of waking up.

    If Facebook was a county it would be the 3 biggest county in the world.

    In Egypt people are naming there kids Facebook and Twitter.

    There are 72 hours of videos uploaded to youtube every day.

    11 Facebook accounts are made every second .

    By Mason

  4. Things I have learnt about social Media:
    a) Facebook is the most visited site on the internet.
    b) The average active Facebook user spends at least 7 hours on the site each day. 7×30=210
    c) Kids below the age of 2 have photos on Facebook thanks to their parents.
    d) Facebook and twitter are blocked in China.
    e) At least 75% of homes have a computer equipped with internet.

  5. Things that i have learned about social media.
    1.Social media is a way of interacting with people and making friends
    2.Once you post something on facebook it’s there for ever.
    3.Social media can start fights because people say mean things on facebook and it could hurt you.
    4.When you go on facebook DO NOT GIVE your address, name or where you live because people can easly find you and hunt you down
    .5.Social media has a great amount of hurtful things and people can read your post and can spread over the world and it’s nasty.
    6.People spend more time on facebook than having fun.

  6. Here is some things that I have learned about social media
    1.) There are more Facebook accounts than cars on earth.
    2.) Some kids that are years under Facebook’s 13yo age limit have an account.
    3.) Social media can cause some people to commit suicide.
    4.) Some people lose the ability to talk face to face because they always talk online.
    5.) Playing on social media for too long can affect your health, because it can affect your fitness and your eye-sight.

  7. I learnt that between 2008 and 2013 850 million people ither joined Facebook or twitter.

    I also found out that celebraties get cyber bullied more than the average person.

    85% of accounys on Facebook or Twitter are owned by women.
    Teenagers use the internet more than younger children because they will talk to their friend by messaging or using rhe main websites Facebook and Twitter.

  8. Things I have learnt about social media!
    1-When people wake up in the morning they get on social media and have a look whats on there.
    2- There is over 200,000 users on Facebook.
    3- Some people name there kids Facebook and twitter
    4- there are thousands of new accounts getting made evry day .

  9. Things I have learnt about social media.

    1)have learnt that 4billion videos have been watch of the year.

    2)Face book is the most used website on the internet.

    3)One million people join Twitter every day.

    4)Face book and Twitter are block in China.

    From loki

  10. I chose twitter
    in Japan the record for the most tweets is 25,088 per second. I learnt that twitter has 225,000,000 users. I learnt that 1 billion tweets are sent every day. I learnt that nearly 500,000 uesers are added each day.

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