Inquiry Social Media-Week 4

This week in inquiry we need to reflect on what you have learnt so far since studying this topic?
This week we MUST get our mindmaps completed and our seeds. We need to start planning our persuasive pieces of writing and draft them in our wiriter’s notebook.

Facebook says it now has 1.01 billion people using the site each month, consistent with a status update CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a few weeks ago to mark the 1 billion threshold.

The figure is as of September and was disclosed Tuesday in Facebook’s quarterly earnings report.
Facebook also says it had 584 million active users each day on average in September and 604 million using Facebook from a mobile device each month.
Here is a look at how the number of active users at Facebook has grown:
1 million —2004. 845 million —2011
5.5 million-2005 1.01 billion —2012
12 million —2006.
50 million —2007.
100 million —2008.
350 million —2009.
608 million —2010.


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