Our buddies in Taiwain

53-Bubbe Tea

52-Tai-Tai馬上發財Getting rich

This year Mrs Smythe’s class and our own, are lucky enough to be communicating with students from a school in Taiwan. The students are similar in age to you and im sure will share some common interests. They are sending us a Teddy very soon, that we can take with us to share our lives in Australia. We are sending them a Kangaroo and Koala and some other Aussie goodies for their grades to use and take with them to show us what life is like in their country. Today we are writing letters to these students to introduce yourself to the students and teachers. You need to include a photo of yourself. Tell them some things about you and your family and maybe the sports you play, or hobbies, and the pets you have. Tell them what living in Traralgon is like. Maybe you could find some photos of Traralgon or The LAtrobe Valley or even Victoria, and include these in your letter. Choose photos of places YOU have been to so you can explain about them. Here is a copy of the email Mrs Smythe and I was sent over the weekend to explain what we are to expect.
Happy letter writing

Hello Courtney and Kim,

I’m glad that I finally sent our black bears to you. How about yours? Are they on the way?

Our bears went traveling with their own diaries. Your students are welcome to keep diary, stamp, draw or paste anything about their adventure in Australia. Of course, we would like to see their pictures too.

The red envelop (see attached) is a gift for your class. If fact, it was a New Year’s gift from our city mayor. The title “馬上” means immediately, “發財” means getting rich. May you have a prosperous year in the year of the horse.

By the way, I would like to ask your opinion about how to pair up our classes. Is it okay if your 56b class and our 5-3 class work in pairs because the bear’s name is “Bubble Tea”, which starts with letter b. And your 56s or 56v class can be partner of our 5-2 class, they named their bear “Tai-Tai”.

Write me back soon…..



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