Visualisations and Hook -Ins

Visualization is a technique that creates rapport with your reader. Once you gain the trust of your reader, you have to follow up with something that provides immense value and amazes them. If you achieve this in your writing then you have them hooked.
Visualization can be the single most important silver bullet in a fictional writer’s arsenal. Your goal would be to engage the reader’s five senses, which means you have to be highly descriptive. Make them see what you want them to see, hear what you want them to hear and feel what you want them to feel etc.

A hook-in is probably one of the most important parts of the entire piece of writing. It is the part that catches the reader’s attention and determines whether or not the reader will continue reading.
Hook-in don’t always have to be in the beginning of your piece. You can keep adding them throughout your writing to keep the level of interest of your reader or listener (in the case of speeches) high.


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