Visulisations-What images do you draw in your head??

When we visualise we create an image of characters in our head. The better the description the better we can visualise the characters. When we read we like to create images of characters in our heads and this usually makes us want to keep reading. Use th efollowing paragraph to create a visual drawing in your notebooks of the character that is being described.

It wasn’t human. It couldn’t be. It was four times as tall as the tallest human. It was so tall it’s head was higher than the upstairs windows of the houses.
It would stop and peep into the upstairs window of each house in the street. It actually had to bend down to peer into the upstairs windows. That’s how tall it was!
It had to be some sort of person. Obviously it was NOT a human. But it was definately a PERSON.
The giant was wearing a long black cloak. In one hand he was holding what looked liked a very long thin trumpet and in the other hand he held a suitcase.
In the moonlight, Sophie caught a glimpse of an enormous long pale wrinkly face with the most enormous ears. The nose was sharp as a knife, and above the nose there were two bright flashing eyes, and the eyes were staring at Sophie. They was a fierce and devilish look about them.

What does this character look like? Draw them!


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