Homework-Week 9- O.W.I.

Still from Lagos film

In class we have been working on O.W.I. responses in our reading. This week we would like you to look at the image above and write an O.W.I response.
You need to write 2 Observations, 2 Wonderings (questions, that are linked to your observations) and 2 Inferences (linked to your observations and wonderings.)
Make sure your observations are descriptive and use emotive works to describe what you can see. Observations are factual. Only describe what you can actually see.
Please make your questions ‘deep thinking’ questions.
Please remember your inferring are like predictions that MUST include evidence from the picture. Eg- You think ..?..because you know…?…
Good luck.


16 thoughts on “Homework-Week 9- O.W.I.

  1. 1:

    O. Wooden, triangle houses floating on the blue water.

    W. Why are there triangle houses floating on top of the water?

    I. I believe that they are floating on the water because it could be Summer, and they want to enjoy their holidays on the water. I know that it’s warm/hot because there is a sunlight patch in the water.


    O. A little green patch of land, with people on it.

    W. Why is there a little green bit of land on the water?

    I. I infer that there is a little patch of land because people need to walk outside at some stage. I know this because people can not walk on water.

  2. O. I can see a lot of triangular shaped houses, in rows, floating on the water
    W. Why are the houses shaped like a triangle?
    I. I can infer that all of the houses are floating on the water.

    O. I can see a large number of wooden Kayaks.
    W. How many people are able to fit into these Kayaks.
    I. I can infer that they use the Kayaks to get around the place and to visit their house.

  3. Observe: I see houses floating on the water.

    I see a patch of grass in the middle of nowhere.

    I see a boat on the water with people on the boat.

    Wonder: I wonder why they are floating on the water?

    I wonder if that’s the only piece of land in the town?

    I wonder if there is any more boats around?

    Infer: I infer that they are close to the ocean because there is water everywhere around the town .

    I infer that the grass is the only piece of land in the town because there is no other pieces of land in the small town and the rest is water.

    I infer that the boat is there only transport around because they are not on land and they do not have houses on land and they are living on the water and I think that’s there transport in there small town.

  4. I infer that there are houses in the water.
    I see two islands with people on
    I observation there are sea water all a rondo them.

  5. Observe – I see people on an island.
    – I see an ocean.
    Wonder – Are they stuck?
    – Is it an ocean?
    Infer – I infer they aren’t stuck because they had to be dropped off by something.
    – I infer it is an ocean because it is large!

  6. 1.I see houses on boats and all land is taken over by water.
    2. What has happen to the people who live in Rhodes little houses? Why are all the land covered in water?
    3. I infer that they are moving to another home all trying to find another home. I infer that the polar caps have melted because of all the water around them.

  7. OBSERVE I can see houses and rivers going through the town. I see a glips of a city so big.

    Wonder Where is the people ? what are the people doing?

    Infer I infer that it might be a wet day. I infer they must something bettter to do.

  8. 1. Observe: I can see a houses floating on water.

    1. Wonder: Where are the people?

    1. Infer: I infer that the people have gone somewhere or are in their houses doing something with their families.

    2. Observe: I see houses floating on water

    2. Wonder why is the house floating on the ocean?

    2. Infer I infer that the people like it in the ocean so they have built houses in the ocean and i think they think it’s safer.

  9. Okay, heres my OWI homework. NOT snapshot!

    -Some boats floating in the sea.
    -A green patch of land that some people are on, as well as canoes.
    -Houses floating around the big patch of land.
    -Water all around everything.

    -Where are the boats going to?
    -What is the green patch of land? Is it a hill?
    -Why are the houses floating?
    -How did that ocean get there?

    -I infer the boats are going fishing because they are all spread out and seperated.
    -I infer that maybe a river overflowed and flooded every thing, the only place that wasnt flooded was a hill.
    -I infer the houses must have been swept from their proper places because they look like they are bobbing up and down.
    -I infer that a river overflowed and swallowed everything.

  10. observe
    I can see some houses
    Infer that the people that own the houses are gone somewhere.
    Observe some houses floating in the water.
    I wonder why the people put their houses in the water?
    I Infer that all the people that live in water dosent like the lands.
    I wonder why people have their homes in water.

  11. 1. 2.
    Observer: I can see horses in boats and on land and I see 2 bites of land . Observer: I see triangle houses with a different colours on them .
    1. 2.
    wonder:I wonder if that part of the city is going to fall into the water. wonder: I wonder why the horses are on boats.
    1. 2.
    Infer: I infer that people like living near the ocean. Infer: I infer that people have the horses so there safer

  12. Observe
    I observe that the city is flooded.
    I observe a little patch of grass in the middle of the water.

    I wonder how the city/town/village got flooded.
    I wonder if the water is going to over lap the city/town/village.

    I infer that the village will not get flooded anymore because it has not even filled that whole city.
    I infer that the city/town/village live close by to a lake or a river maybe even a ocean,.

  13. Iobserve that the city is flooded and the house are flowing on the water.
    I wonder why the house are in the water.
    I infer the city is flooded because it was raining.

  14. Observe
    I Observe that the city is flooded
    I wonder why all the houses are coverd by water
    I Infer that it must of rained a lot in the village

  15. wonder: how did they make the tryangle shape of the houses.
    observe: I can see the triangular houses.
    Infer. i infer that they made the houses to make the area look betterthen be for.

  16. I observe that they are little and they live in the house on water.
    -the boats.
    -the trees.
    i think the water was there the hole time they lived there.
    i think the cargo ship comes there because of the little space full of things.
    i infer they have evuoted from the water i think that is why it is so high.

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