Week Ten : Homework Task

Mr Price's Classroom

Hello Everyone,

Due to the fact that this is the last week of term one I’m giving you a fairly easy homework –

Write down what you know about the syllabification spelling strategy (Hint: Tell me what the rules of syllabification are!) and use syllables to break the following words up into their sound parts.






Happy Spelling!!!! Mr Price

spelling_2_11-zbzh6o[1]BUT WE PERSIST….TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Week Ten : Homework Task

  1. Syllables help us spell words, because we break up the sound of the word, and we spell the sounds that we hear. Normally to use syllables, it’s easier to clap, because when you say part of a word while clapping, you know which part to break up.


    In-for-ma-tion (4 syllables).

    Use-less (2 syllables).

    Mul-ti-ply (3 syllables).

    To-geth-er (3 syllables).

    Com-pre-hen-sion (4 syllables).

  2. Syllables are words that are chunked up… (that’s what most prep-twos would use in their reading.) Every syllable HAS (underlined five times) to have a vowel in it. Another way to chunk up syllables is by putting your palm under your chin and say the word. It is advised you put your elbow on a surface. When you say the word, you will know how many syllables in it by the way the chin moves down.
    In-for-ma-tion (4)
    Use-less (2)
    Mul-ti-ply (3)
    To-get-her (3)
    Com-pre-hen-sion (4)

  3. rule 1 every syllable has one vowel sound.
    rule 2 every number of sound in a word equals in number of syllable.
    rule 3 A one syllable word is never divided.

  4. in for ma tion 4 syllable
    use less 2 syllable
    mul ti ply 3 syllable
    to geth er 3 syllable
    com pre hen sion 4 syllable

  5. syllableS has one vowel sound,Syllables are ways to split words into speech sounds
    in-for-mat-ion (4)
    use-less (2)
    mul-ti-ply (3)
    to-geth-er (3)
    com-pre-hen-sion (4)

  6. In – for – ma – tion (4 Syllables)
    Use – less (2 Syllables)
    Mul – ti – ply (3 Syllables)
    To – geth – er (3 Syllables)
    Com – pre – hen – sion (4 Syllables)
    Breaking words into chunks is what little kids say for syllabification.
    It is sounding words out.

  7. Syllables helps us sound out words. You break down the word into sections. Each section creates a sound completing the sound of the word


  8. We use syllables to sound out words that we need to spell with. You also use syllables when reading to sound out the big words to make the sentence sound right.
    fan-tas- tic
    Foot- ball

  9. We use syllables to sound out words that we need to spell in our story’s or anything we are writing. You break down the word into section so it is easier to spell.

  10. We use syllables to help us spell wors right in tests and in general work. If you sound out the word slowly you will no problem on getimg it right
    Because Be-cause2 because
    Together to-get-her- Together4
    Adding Ad-ding2 Adding
    unless un-less2 unless

  11. parts. parts

    information in-for ma- tion

    useless use-les

    multiply mul -ti -ply

    together to- geth -er

    comprehension com-pre- hen- sion

    Happy Spelling!!!! Mr Pricespelling

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