Confusions…what do you think??


Leave me your responses to the following statements..:) hope you are all having an amazing holiday 😉


3 thoughts on “Confusions…what do you think??

  1. -Can you cry underwater?

    Yes, I think you can cry in the water because you are still expressing your feelings, but the tears would just soak into the water, because tears and water are the same substance.

    -Can fish get thirsty?

    Fish are living things, like plants and animals, and most animals normally get thirsty due to the heat. But because fish don’t normally get hot or dehydrated, I think that they don’t get thirsty because it would be hard for them to get hot, and also because they are surrounded by water anyway.

    -Why don’t birds fall off trees when they sleep?

    I believe that birds don’t fall off trees when they sleep, because they normally have nests (because of their babies), and the nests are normally steady and stable onto the trees. I also think that they make sure that they don’t fall off because you don’t see many bird deaths by falling off a tree.

    -Why are building called “buildings” when they’re already built?

    Well you wouldn’t say “Hey, look over there! There’s a built!” Because it doesn’t sound right. I think that it’s a rule of words/spelling to say it as “building” because it sounds right that way.

    – When they say “dog food is new and improved”, who tastes it?

    I believe that they don’t need to taste the dog food because they can just use other dogs to test how delicious/disgusting it is. Then after getting the dogs to taste it, I believe that they see if they need to improve, or see if it’s just right because they need to package them. I think they can tell if the dogs like it because they can see if they eat it all, or just a little nibble.

    -If money doesn’t grow on trees, than why do banks have branches?

    I infer that the banks have “branches” because all of Australia could be a tree, and the branches are different locations of banks. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but the bank branches have nothing to do with trees because they mean something else.

    – Why does round pizza come in a square box?

    Round pizza comes in square boxes because it gives people more space to pick up a slice of pizza, because if you had a pizza box matching the shape of the pizza, it would be hard to pick out a slice of the the pizza.

    – Why doesn’t glue stick to it’s bottle?

    I believe that glue sticks/bottles don’t stick to it’s bottle because it must be coated with some special material to not stick to the bottles/sticks, or else it would be hard to get the glue out.

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