Holiday Homework!!!-What does Easter mean to you and your family??

Hello everyone,
As you are enjoying your holidays I would like you to think about and tell me about what your family is doing this weekend for Easter? Do you follow the same traditions each year by meeting with friends and family? Do you still get chocolates and or/ gifts? Do you attend church? Do you have a big family meal on Easter Sunday and eat hotcross buns? Please share your individual stories with us all. (Ben, could you please just tell me what you did on your school holidays?)
I look forward to reading these. Enjoy your time off and see you all next week. Don’t forget to do 2 hours of reading and get your diaries signed please 🙂


17 thoughts on “Holiday Homework!!!-What does Easter mean to you and your family??

  1. Our family does celebrate Good Friday and Easter (some of my favourite traditions of the year). Normally we do something different every year. Sometimes we visit our relatives’ house (dad, brother, sister, auntie ETC…) or they visit us to celebrate this tradition. Every single Easter I get chocolate and I normally wake up a little early to celebrate it, because it is exciting. We are a religious family, but we don’t attend church’s, but we used to. We eat hot cross buns to celebrate Easter (Jesus), and sometimes have a roast to celebrate the occasion. So normally we celebrate our Easter like Christmas, because it is a big part of the year, and it is to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. It’s a fun event, and I love what we do on the day.

      • Thankyou Mrs. Bradbury. I will hopefully have a fantastic weekend to spend some time with my family and enjoy the traditions for Easter. I hope you have a great weekend for your family too.

  2. I don’t really do anything special on Easter. All we do is have an Easter egg hunt. Then we eat all of the eggs. Yum!

    Well I flew up to Queensland on Sunday in the first week. I stayed there for the rest of the week but I actually had Easter on good friday because I was going back home on a plane on Sunday at lunchtime. It was so much fun in the morning my dad hid 18 middle sized eggs 4 Easter bunnys and 20 little eggs. I found them all luckly. I found most of the eggs on my dads ute. I called his car the Jackpot. Thats what I did for Easter on Friday.

  3. it is a brilliant idea to tall the class how ester went t we are planing to go to Terry’s house on ester I did hop on a horse it was fun

  4. My hollidays was fantastic i went to the movies to see the lego movie it was fantastic than we saw the mupets most wanted it was dispicable.Easter means a time where everyone in your family gets together to have a great time. For easter i got 301 eggs from the easter bunny.

  5. Our f family celebrates Good Friday and Easter and on good friday we eat a lot fish and the only fish we eat is gummy shark and flat head. It is great when we eat the fish because we do not eat lot of fish and the next day I was thinking about eating the easter eggs. On easter I ate a lot of choclate and ate some on Monday.

  6. our family went to the movies on easter and we went to see mr peabody and sherman and the lego movie and i went to the skate park and i went to my nans house for dinner on easter night for tea and then i went back to my house with my couisn and on easter monday i went to the football game at the mcg.

  7. homework
    when I wock up I saw a big tabel of eggs there was a big egg and a little egg and eggs with some more eggs in them.

  8. When I woke up I poked my head around the door and I saw a hole heap of eggs in a straight line going down the hall way.
    We counted them and in total we counted 256 eggs and bunnies. Easter means to spend time with your family and celebrate Jesus Christ.

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