Homework Term 2 Week 2: Angles

5/6K Classroom Blog

How many times in 24hours do the hands of an analogue clock form a right angle?



HINT: Use a real clock and move the hands around!

There may be a prize for those who get the correct answer!

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16 thoughts on “Homework Term 2 Week 2: Angles

  1. I am pretty sure that it is 8 because I worked it out 2 ways:

    1:figured out myself how much it turns into that shape on a clock a day.

    2: I used my watch.

  2. The answer is twice in 24hrs.
    From 12 mid-night, it is am. 3 am is a right angle. But as we go on in the day, 12 midday is pm. Once again, 3 pm is a right angle. That is the correct answer!

  3. My Mathematical Instincts say that there is 2 in each hour, so, 24 x 2 = 48. So, I’m 100% sure I’m right.

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