Inquiry-Term 2-Week 1- ‘Comparing Australia To Japan (Asia)’

Welcome to another Inquiry topic for the term. As usually we have a lot of work,learning and research ahead and limited time in which to do it in so we need to remember to stay focused and use your time wisely!
This term we are giving you your Inquiry question. You need to compare Japan to Australia! You need to think about and research how both these countries and similar and how they are different and any links our two countries may have and why?
Throughout the term you will be expected to work through a set of tasks, just as you have in past Inquiry sessions. Some of these tasks you will work on with your partner and and some individually.
Here is a list of the activities you and your partner are expected to complete!

Inquiry tasks will be as follows:
– Mind map/Question Web; Students base their mind map on Japan and Australia > branch off to topics such as food, culture, weather, money, tourism, history, recreational activities/sports, clothing, animals, landscape, population, language, employment, religion, government, education, etc. > Branch off each of the topics and ask 2 questions for each.
– Hypothesis > Students have a go at answering the overall inquiry question.
– Venn Diagram – Students use 5 of their topics and questions from the mind map to construct a detailed Venn diagram, comparing Japan and Australia. Students will need to inquire and research Japan to be able to make comparisons with Australia.
– Map X 2
Map of Japan showing key areas such as capitals, provinces, etc.
Map of the country showing is place in Asia and comparison to where the country is in relation to Australia.
– Planned Japanese Holiday: Students will have $15,000 to plan a holiday to Japan for 10 days (2 people). They need to also plan to visit three tourist attractions.
Budget (Students calculate how much their holiday will cost)
3 tourist attractions
$20 per day for food
Detailed map of the country, showing the location of the accommodation, airport & tourist attractions.
Time and time difference at the time of arrival and departure.
– Brochure
Information report > Linked to the students research for the Venn Diagram.
Information/images about three tourist attractions.
Information/images about accommodation including cost.
Information/images about airfares including cost.
Map of the country > students can use their map from the maths task.
Results and conclusion – Students answer the inquiry question in detail.
– Students will present their findings and work at an expo.


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