Week 3 Homework – Persuasive Writing


For this week’s homework you are going to write a persuasive piece of writing on, ‘The City or The Country.’

– Your writing should also include lots of strong words words such as emotive words that will engage readers.

– Make sure you read your writing before posting. You may be able to put this piece of writing in your writers’ gift.

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6 thoughts on “Week 3 Homework – Persuasive Writing

  1. The City
    I think the city is a AWESOME place to live, Why, I’ll tell you why!

    Firstly, the amount of shops, HEAPS!!! But in the country you’ll rarely come across a milk bar!

    Secondly, There is heaps of jobs to chose from! Would you rather cut wood in the country for hours, or drive a giant crane in the city?

    Lastly, the Zoos, Aquariums ect. Do you like to visit the Zoo but live hours away? If you do, you should live IN the city. Then it will only take aprox. 30 minutes Max.

    In conclusion, you should live IN the city! 🙂

  2. Have you seen the busy, messy cities all over this world? Country life is very peaceful and quiet, and it’s a fantastic place where you can be free.

    Country life is magnificent because you can be as loud as you want, and you can’t disturb any rude neighbours. You don’t have to hear any annoying cars and trains go past, because you life further away. You don’t even have any neighbours to disrupt any important, precious time.

    In the country, you can roam around the wonderful landscape, and explore the green grasslands because farms are very natural. You would be able to see colourful insects or creatures. You can see the natural world a lot better because there aren’t any tall buildings crowded everywhere.

    You can experience spectacular things that you have never been able to experience before in country life, because you are not in the busy city. You can experience the beautiful crops that you get to grow because the farm has more space to grow great things. You would be able to smell clear, fresh air because the country’s air isn’t polluted with gas. You would be able to breed different animals aswell.

    In conclusion, living on the country land is better than living in the city because you can basically be free, and do what you want.

  3. I strongly believe that the county life is better then a messy city and in the county it’s a bit better because it is nicer and it is peaceful and in the city it isn’t as peaceful as the county.

    The county life is beautiful because you can have party’s when ever you want without any rude neighbours because in the county do don’t really live that close to the people that live next to you and in the city you have people two steps away from the house.

    In the county side you can walk anywhere on any land because people aren’t as rude as they are in the county then in the city people don’t care about anybody but them selfs so the people in the city are not that nice to the people in the county side of it.

    In the county you can experience the natural because there is no big buildings blocking the greengrasslands and the beautiful flowers and the animals that you can see in the county is the only place you can see them because they aren’t in the city because their need grass to live in the city there is no real grass so they would die in a week or less.

    What I’m trying to say is that the county side is better place to live in then the city is because in the county side you can do more stuff then you can in the city.

  4. City and the Country. Two very different places. Heres why. Which would you choose?

    Firstly, the city is full of tall buildings and lots of people rushing around. Also, car exhaust fumes polluting the air. Would you like to breath that air in?

    Secondly, in the country its beautiful and peaceful. There a lot of trees that make fresh air. Isn’t that what you would rather be breathing in?

    Finally, In the city theres a lot of small narrow roads meaning loads of traffic and therefore lots of dangerous car crashes. All that traffic also causes people to get angry and impatient which leads to road rage. Plus there’s a lot of thieves and people with guns in cities. Do you want to be robbed or shot at?

    I strongly believe that the country is better than the city. There’s too many cars in the city but in the country is more peaceful and slower paced. Also the cities very dangerous.

  5. Persuasive Writing
    The country and city. They are the only two different places to choose from for where to live on this planet. Most people tend to live in the city as it is very lively, it is has great sites and it also has good employment opportunity more than the country. This allows migration from the country side to the city, which makes it livelier. In the city, goods and services, food, groceries, and labour are cheaper in the city than in the country. But do we know how the country is just as important as the city??
    Firstly, the country is a peaceful place, where there is not as much noise as the city. The country has barely any traffic jams, where as the city, people would have to wait minutes for the traffic. There are fewer chances of having accidents in the country than in the city, and there are safer road rules and restrictions.
    Secondly, there are some places in the country that are closer than the city. Some things are so close in the country, you could even walk to the place! In the city it is crowded and you need to drive a few kilometres to get to your destination. I am quite sure that you wouldn’t like to waste petrol on long journeys.
    Finally, the weather in the city is very cold, compared to the country. Experts say that cold weather is not good for our health, especially babies.
    In conclusion, I think that country life is better than city life.

  6. Persuasive writing

    Have you ever experienced playing on a cold day trying to beat a magnificent side on a cold miserable day playing football and trying to win so your team can be the best, well I have!

    I strongly agree that people that do not play a sport should play football and try if you can be the strongest in the league and try and win and get in a grand final . Most people think that football is the best sport because a lot of people play this hard core game and they think that it is a awesome sport and is the best kind of game in the world. The best thing about playing football is that it is Australian made and can be played by anyone at any time.

    Secondly you can go for any team in the AFL. The AFL is the best league in the world out of the football because they have played a lot of football and they have started from the start and when you play in the AFL you get paid for just playing a magnificent game and you get paid a lot of beautiful money. I personally agree that more people want to play football than any other fantastic sport.

    The fantastic game is played in Australia because it is a game that is played in our magnificent country. There is so many leagues for people to play and there is more people that like football better then other sports.

    I hope this magnificent sport is to stay in the world for years to come and it should go on for our children’s children as well.

    Author: Cody Mac

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