Taiwan Teddies-Diary Entry 4

2014_04_06_Miss Eucalyptus’ diary-4

Here is a nw diary entyr from our Buddy school. It seems that Miss Eucalyptus has  been a very busy girl and has been having a wonderful time enjoying new traditions. Have a look at the link I inclded and

Dear diary,


On the day before Children’s day, the kids celebrated all day in school. We did something special because it was “Hands-On Learning Day”.


First, the whole school collected and donated food to the food bank. We donated rice, noodles and canned food for the poor. The bank then gives the food to the poor. The kids were so happy to help.


Then, there was a magic show. The magician did some tricks with bills, pokers, a handkerchief and a flying table. He also showed us how to make tissue paper disappear. It was amazing and funny. It must have been the most popular activity that day.

Another exciting entry from our buddy school and it seems Miss Ecalyptus has been a very busy girl.

Have a read and respond to their letter when you get a chance. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you 🙂


In the afternoon, we watched a documentary about Tug of War. I cried because it was very touching. I was deeply moved. We also learned how to help the disabled who are blind, mute, deaf or who have epilepsy or other learning disabilities. A volunteer also showed us how to filter dirty water to purify it. I felt pitiful for the kids in Africa because they have no clean tap water to drink. We should treasure what we have.


Today was great and fun. I learned the true meaning of how ”Giving is better than receiving.” I hope I can help others in the future.


Miss Eucalyptus (written by Tiffany, Wendy, Shelly, Zoey, Eva, Tiffany Lo, Eve, Nina, Teenie, Janet)


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