100 Word Challenge

Hi everyone,
This weeks 100 word challenge prompt is another snippet of a sentence. …’but where could I go…’
This is a great one..you could go ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! You could be with ANYONE. So think about it and write a small narrative piece that includes this snippet and make sure it’s descriptive.
Good luck


One thought on “100 Word Challenge

  1. CRASH!! I hear, as the giant tsunami waves move in to the city. I needed to escape, ‘but where could I go? One thing was for sure, I needed to go to a place where it was dry, but, then I spotted something that stopped my other thoughts, I saw a empty Helicopter. So I sprinted towards the Helicopter, and suddenly, a massive wave 30-40 storeys up, came down on me. Luckily I lived, but I broke some of my bones, but I couldn’t worry about that now, I had to get out of here, FAST! I jumped in and flew away from the ruins!
    THE END!!!

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