How to Design a Travel Brouchure


As a requirement for your inquiry unit this term, you need to have a think about how you are going to make and produce your travel brouchure for Japan. I have included a couple of websites to have a look and give you some ideas to help you with this activity.

when you are planning your brouchure you need to think about your target audience? Who do you want to enticeor convince to visit Japan? Do you want to promote wealthy Australians, or the budget backbacker to Japan, or give information for everyone’s budget?

Things to Include in a Travel Brochure

Brief summary of the setting, with highlights of important places

• Location, including a map

• Geography

• Major cities, Well-known places

• Historic Sites and Landmarks

• Recreation and Outdoor Activities—parks, sports, water

• Entertainment

• Climate and overall weather conditions

• Transportation

• Arts and Culture, including museums, theaters, places to visit

• Languages and Local Dialect

• Food that the area is known for

• Pictures/Graphics

• Additional Information

Check out this website to give you some ideas

Once you have made some decisions about what to include on your brochure, now you need to decide on how you present your information. The following website has 35 different ideas on how you could present your work.



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