The Long Walk- 10 years on

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Long Walk and Dreamtime, The Long Walk – 10 Years captures the inspiring story of Essendon champion Michael Long and his enduring journey to put the lives of Indigenous Australians back on the national agenda.

The documentary reflects on Michael Long’s life, his stand against racism, his role pioneering the AFL’s racial discrimination code and the historic moment when he famously walked to Canberra to meet with then Prime Minister John Howard.

The documentary includes interviews with Michael Long, John Howard, Tim Watson, James Hird, Kevin Sheedy, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Chris Long, Beverly Knight, Andrew Demetriou, Martin Flanagan and many more.

As Michael Long famously said: “This isn’t about indigenous Australia and white Australia – this is about all Australia” and now, 10 years on, he reflects on the legacy of his famous walk, the Dreamtime at the G match and the meaningful programs and events run by The Long Walk charity that continue to raise awareness for indigenous health, education, employment and wellbeing.

“We have to keep building on what we have achieved so far,” Long said.

“10 years is a significant achievement in itself but it’s more about the people along the way that we have touched that are the most important part of it. We are not asking a lot, just come and see, come and give, come and touch, come and learn about one of the oldest living cultures in the world.”


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