100 Word Challenge

This weeks prompt is a picture. You are excpeted to write 5 sentences to describe the picture in detail.


The prompt this time is this busy market place. Make sure you look really carefully at the picture so that your sentences are really interesting.


5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. I see millions of people dressed in very dull, olden day clothes at a massive market stalls and lots of fresh produce.
    All the kids with lots of smiles love the fresh bread and foods digging in and loving the fresh food put out for the kids to enjoy and have a ball.
    All the people sharing the fresh foods to eat and greet, lough, sing and relax and have a great time.
    Lots of people walking around to try new foods and drinks and buy stuff and a tall local precast church.
    I see fish shop with fresh fish from the sea.

  2. There are colourful, blooming, green plants on the beautiful, sunny day in the crowded market, while people are roaming around, shopping for important, healthy cooking and house supplies with joyful and delighted faces. The buildings are perfectly structured in a neat row, and the buildings are blazing and standing out because of the absolutely, highlighting colour. There are fluffy, damp, white clouds scattered all over the happy, gleaming blue sky. There are fantastic supplies, such as delicious yellow cheese, wooden, brown teapots, bushy, fresh plants ETC… This whole picture brings joy and happiness because of the great movement and actions that are happening.

  3. 100 word challenge
    Hello I screamed as I am walking throw a busy market. I do not know where this mysterious market is? I wonder if I will get lost in this strong mob of people? I see people handing out delicious looking food which was making me hungrier then I was. I look at people that I do not know who they are but I make my way throw the giant mob. I fall over, I tripped over someone’s foot. I got up and went home and never went to a market like that again.
    Author: Cody Mac

  4. 1) I see many people in multi coloured clothing at the market place where it is very sunny and crowded.
    2) I can see two tall buildings with signs held up that say: “The village sweet shop and the fish plaice.”
    3) I can see a cheese stall with two men in hats & striped aprons on selling delicious red and yellow cheese.
    4) I can see two girls towards the right side of the picture ordering bread from a woman with a striped apron.
    5) I can see two children obviously happy with the yummy goodies they have bought.

    P.S Ms Bradbury I hope your son gets well soon. 

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