Holiday recounts

Hello everyone,
I hope you had an amazing holiday as my family and I did. Today with your. Buddy. You are to write and recount some of the best things you did on your holiday. Write a paragraph for each of you and your buddy. Did you go away? Visit someone? Have a sleepover? Go shopping or go to a movie? Play with friends or family members? Tell Miss Cook and I the best things you did and see if you can find an appropriate picture to go with your recounts.

I took my children to Melbourne for a few days and we went to the MCG for a tour, Melbourne Museum, IMAX, MSAC,The Sky Wheel, Crown Casino, and Bounce. We saw How to Train a Dragon 2 and went to the park, and out for dinner. Busy busy















3 thoughts on “Holiday recounts

  1. For the two weeks I got to spend time up with my dad, in Queensland. I flew up on Saturday afternoon and stayed at home with my dad. Then on Sunday night I watched three movies at the drive in. I saw HTTYD2 ,Transformers and 22 jump street. The rest of the week I stayed home and had fun. Next on Friday I went to Flipout a place with lots of trampolines on the ground and the wall. After Flipout we went roller skating. I fell over a couple of times but I got the hang of it really quickly. On Saturday in the first week I went to the science expo in Southport plis the Dinosaur Mueseum. It was really cool. In the afternoon my dad got me a new Ipod gen 5. I realy like the new ipod. Tuesday I got to go work with my dad, helping him with the truck deliveries. On Wednsday night I Went sisters in Surfers Paradise. On friday I went bowling and then at night we went out for dinner.Then flew back on Saturday. It was really fun.

  2. On the holidays Lydia went to Bermagui with her whole family and her dog Casper. Lydia enjoyed feeling the sun and fishing on the boat her Grandfather owns. Lydia went to her friend’s house, where they played tag and hide-and-seek. Lydia had fun on her holidays.
    Isis went to her friend’s house where she played board games. She went to her Nans and baked Anzac cookies which she shared with her family. Isis and her family went to Newman Park and walked her two dogs, Rex & Rumba. Isis had fun on her holidays!
    I (Favour) went to Tarraville, where I saw the oldest church in Gippsland. It was founded by Rev Jo White in 1856. At Yarram I went to Port Albert. My parents told me that Port Albert connected to the Indian Ocean. I went to the library where I borrowed books.

  3. On the holidays, after the last day of school, I saw my dad. We went skeet shooting on Saturday. We then went shopping to get a few things because we didn’t have much. While I was there, I also played with my little sisters, Charli and Melissa. We then met up with my older brother and then I left dad’s house that day. The next week, I then got a new computer and a onesie. I spent most of the holidays playing my Xbox 360 and computer. On the last weekend I was at my dad’s again. This time we made home-made pizzas and it tasted delicious. Then it was school the next day. –Jay

    On the holidays, I went to a train and travelled to Bendigo. It took about 4 hours to get there. Then I went to a park. It was very fun. The next day we went home and relaxed, while watching T.V. I also played with my toys. The toys were dinosaurs. We watched the “Lego movie” the next week after that. I enjoyed it because they were fighting the bad guys. Then my mum’s friend, Sarah, came for dinner and ate it with us. –Jake

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