What to do today 15/7???

Hi Everyone,

Please make sure you are on your best behaviour for Mrs Lovell today otherwise you’ll have Mrs Stavrou and myself to deal with!!!!!! Use the timetable here on the blog and on the whiteboard to follow for the day.

After recess remember to complete any unfinished pieces of writing from your draft book or Writer’s Notebook.If you truly have nother else to complete, and remember your 2 reports should be done by now.., then you can unpack a seed of your choice. Then its time for AUSLAN!

Reading- Remember our discussion yesterday about your reading expectations now. There should not be a sound in the room whilst you are reading for 40 minutes. Sticky notes should be out and used. Remember to record your page numbers on your sticky notes as well.

Have a look at the reflection questions and make sure you are being successful during your reading time.

Concert practise after lunch with 5/6S. Concentrate hard guys because we need to learn our dance moves quickly and start dancing up a storm!!

Have a great day and remember to behave!!! If Destiny and Bailey are back tomorrow they reading respinse sheets are on my table for them and show them where they are sitting.

100 Word Challenge

Please use the following prompt in a descriptive piece of writing.

‘suddenly it started shaking’…..

What was shaking? Did it make a noise? Did it cause any other type of reaction?

Please remember to add as much description as possible.

Remember to reread your writing. Have you used capital letters? Fullstops?

Good luck 🙂


4 thoughts on “What to do today 15/7???

  1. James climbed onto the kitchen bench. There it was, the glass jar filled with cookies. Sunlight hit the jar, and a bright light reflected into James’ eyes. Using his grubby little fingers, he grabbed the cookie jar. He carefully climbed down the chair that he used. He placed the jar down. Opening the lid, James cautiously put his fingers in the jar. Suddenly, it started shaking. The glass cookie jar slipped out of his grasp and landed on the floor. Hundreds of pointy glass and broken cookies were on the ground. James looked guiltily around him. What was he to do now?

  2. 100 word challenge
    Suddenly it started shaking……
    Rumble Rumble rumble as a ginormous earth quake shook across our house. I was shaking and I was worried as it kept on rumbling. The trees to fell around our house tiles tore off roofs and at one stage a photo frame fell off my wall. The clock was shaking and at one stage it stopped. Paper’s came tumbling off my draws. Everything stoped. The bed started rocking side to side and my curtains fell onto my walls nothing was left but the only thing that was left was pins from my photo frames. But we were lucky the van in the garage was still there so we stayed in the van.

  3. “Ouch!” I said as I slipped down a deep hole. I was stuck in rusty, old train tracks. There was no possible way I could escape these awful looking tracks. Suddenly, it started shaking. I felt startled and terrified. I moved around, trying to figure out how to impossibly get out of this vicious trains’ way. I had a fantastic idea! I could reach help from a respectful citizen above; but the place was as deserted as a lonely island. I had one more idea. I braced myself as I lay down on the tracks. I hoped this worked.

  4. Suddenly it started shaking
    “Mum I think we should get out of here” I Shrieked? “Why” mum replied. “This place is starting to scare me” I chanted. Suddenly it started shaking. “Mum we need to get out of here” I demanded. So we got in the car and drove down the hill. I get out of the car and scream “everyone we need to get out” every one started to panic and ran around the magma from the large and steep volcano. It’s coming down the hill fast at a rapid speed. Everyone ran. Mum and I go home and start packing. Hopefully we don’t get hurt.
    By Loki

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