Wednesday 30th July

Good morning,
Today you’ll be split up but back for P.E and Art. You will go to library with the class you are assigned for the day.
After recess you can work on your Venn Diagrams, your Australian report and remember you are presenting this information on paper and going to be working on a way to orally present it to the class.
After lunch I think Mrs Smythe will collect you for science.
Behave and have a good day. đŸ˜‰

Math Rotation-
L.I- To understand that fractions may have a different denominator yet still be equal.

Intro- When looking at fractions, what are the top and bottom number called? Can you tell me what does the top number tell us to do with fractions? What does the bottom number tell us?
In your math books. Divide your page in 4. In each box place 1/2 in the first, 1/3 in the next,1/4 in the next box and 1/5 in the last box. Now write down all the fractions that are equal or equivalent to these fractions. Eg. 1/2 =2/4, 1/3=2/6.


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