This term we will be having a big focus on completing SQ3R responses. The purpose of an SQ3R is to be able to successfully comprehend non-fiction texts. SQ3R stands for :

Survey the text (write 3-5 key words or ideas after you have scanned the text)

Question (use your key words or ideas to ask thick questions)

Read (read all of the text and write down 2 or 3 important parts of the text)

Recite (use the text and your own inferences to answer your questions with evidence)

– Review(summarise the text in your own words and include your own opinions with evidence)

This week I will be using the following link to model to the grade how an SQ3R can be completed.


In your independent time, you will need to work on independently reading your text, tracking your thinking, using comprehension strategies…

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4 thoughts on “SQ3R – READING RESPONSE

  1. SQ3R Hotdog Winning
    Survey -Devouring -Dethroned -Inaugural -Consecutive -Surpass
    Question When did Joey start eating hot dog? How many hot dogs did Joey devour? Who was dethroned? When was Joey’s inaugural hot dog eating contest? When did he start his consecutive years, how old was he? What year? When did he try to surpass his previous record?
    Read The hot dog contest only happens on the 4th of July, on Coney Island. Joey Chestnut is 6ft tall and he also devoured up to 61 hot dogs. The winner receives $40,000 dollars and a year supplies of mustard.

    Recite Joey devoured 61 hot dogs than beat his record. His current record is 69. Takero Kobayashi was dethroned by Joey Chestnut. He started in 2007. He wasn’t able too.
    Review Joey all up record is 69 hot dogs and he’s 6ft tall. He has won for eight years straight and he proposed to his wife after he won the competition. Joey dethroned a man named Takeru Kobayashi in 2007. The competition was held on Coney Island on the 4th of July. Joey demolished 61 hot dogs less than 10 minutes. His competitor name is ‘Jaws’.
    What I’ve learnt is that there’s a hot dog competition that’s held on Coney Island every year on the 4th of July and you win$40,000 for winning. Joey ate 69 hotdogs (WOW!).
    This article is about the hot dog eating contest that happens every year on Coney Island on the 4th of July. It talks about a man who won the competition for eight years. For winning eight in a row and got the name ‘Jaws’.
    By Jake Myers

    Devouring /japan, celebrates, Coney, consecutive, dethroned, demolished
    1 What does he devour?
    2 how many hot dogs did he devour in his career?
    3 how many competitors are in the contest?
    4 why did he entre hot dog eating contest?
    5 does he do any other competition before the big event.
    Nathans famous on the 4th of July he ate franks. Nathan is famous for the international hot dog eating contest. The fun competition is a Coney Island is a new york traditional that takes back the best place in 1972 and if some reports are to be revelled. He devoured 50 hot dogs in 17 minutes. 3 time defending champion Thomas did not fare as well.
    1 what does he devour?
    Joe chestnut devours hot dogs at the hot dog eating contests. Every competitor has to devour hot dogs in a time limited that is given. The competitor who devours the most hot dogs WINS
    2 how many hot dogs did he devour in his career?
    I infer the that he has devoured over 100s of hot dogs in the hot dog eating contests that he has entered and has competed in his career so far. Each and every contest he devours about 50 hot dogs.
    3 How many competitors are in the contest?
    In the hot dogs eating contest there is 16 male competitors that made it through to hot dog eating contest. Inhalable to WIN the hot dog eating contest the most hot dogs at the end of the time limited WINS the contest.
    4 why did he entre hot dog eating contest?
    I infer the Hot dog eating contest is his potion and his

    I am in this strange place. It’s a despicable place. With dead spirits going to heaven. It’s a despicable Place. With dead spirit going to haven. It’s got a gate way in the middle leading to brightness where the top of the hill is sitting up there with none in it. I think it’s a party for the spirits .I see dark trees. I painted this it .I live in a ghostly house. A bright light in heaven. I put painted this picture and put it on display in the Museum. I got Thousands of $dollars for it. I got… BY Gareth

  4. SQ3R
    50,000, Years, Arrived, Australia, First, Land, 1700s, 1900, supplies, Asia, Food, Making connections, European, Land.
    1 who were the first Australians?
    2 how did they come to Australia?
    3 how did they find food?
    4 why did they make connections?
    5 How did they make a living?
    Indigenous people arrived from south East Asia. Over time indigenous Australians came to understand the climate. Sometimes indigenous Australians planted crops that would grow while they were away. From the time of their arrival indigenous Australians adapted to the landscape and climate of the Country.
    1 who were the first Australians?
    The first Australians were probably Europeans because the indigenous people had to leave due to weather issues.
    2 how did they come to Australia?
    I infer that they came by boat or walked to Australia because of sea levels.
    3 how did they find food?
    They found by making fires to saround animals so they can’t escape and they used boomerangs if water animals.
    4 why did they make connections?
    They made connections by talking to cross lands and they talked in different languages.
    5 how did they make a living?
    They made lots of trading’s to each lands they crossed.
    I leant that indigenous people used walk to Australia because of sea levels. I learnt that most early Australians were Europeans because England’s jails were full. I learnt that kids held boomerangs and they killed animals by them self’s. Australia has joined pup-wan-new-Guainía, Tasmania because of sea levels were low. I learnt that 50,000 years ago many 100 years spread a crossed the giant continent. I learnt that indigenous ate insects, fruit, vegetables, meat from kangaroos. By the late 1700s when Europeans arrived, there were 100s of groups of Australia. However this didn’t mean that each group existed especially because they traded with each other, most of the indigenous Australians were able to speak a number of different languages. Men and women often married into groups other than their own kind.

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