100 Years Since WW1Began- SQ3R


Use the article below and watch the video to write an SQ3R response.
Remember to Survey-Skim the article looking for headings and key words.
Questions-use the key words you now have and write a question for each of them.
Read– read the article and highlight your answers as you find them and any other key points of information.
Recite-now answer your questions in paragraphs. Use examples and evidence for the text you highlighted and make any relevant inferances.
Review-Summarise what the article was about, including some of the information you found out for your questions and any other interesting facts you found out.

Australia is commemorating the declaration of war on August the 4th 1914 that began World War One – and ended with the deaths of nine-million soldiers, including more than sixty-thousand Australians.Prime Minister Tony Abbott has laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and a national commemoration service will be held this evening at the War Memorial in Canberra to mark the occasion.’They are not just a list’ said Prime Minister Tony Abbott, speaking from the Roll of Honor.’Behind each name there is a story and ultimately we wish to know all those stories.’The events of 100 years ago still reverberate around the world today, and these stories, good and not so good, can help to shape us and to shape our times.’Over the next four years we should reflect on the tragedy and the magnificence of the human condition.’Europe will meanwhile commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War One in a series of events across the continent.The Prince of Wales will attend a Service of Remembrance at Glasgow Cathedral.He will be joined by 1,400 invited guests, among them representatives of Commonwealth countries, and senior military figures, charities and cross-faith groups.Prince Charles will then lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in George Square.But the main focus of commemoration will happen later in the day at a small cemetery in Belgium.The British Government and Commonwealth War Graves Commission will host an international event at the small St Symphorien Cemetery, outside the town of Mons.It will be attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, the King and Queen of Belgium and senior representatives from the UK, France, Ireland, Canada and Germany.The cemetery was chosen because it contains an almost equal number of German and Commonwealth graves.It is also the burial ground for the first and last British soldiers to be killed on the Western Front and the first soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross in the 1914-18 conflict, Lieutenant Maurice James Dease.There is a particular focus on the younger generation, reflected in the members of the Royal Family chosen to attend and various contributors to the vent itself.To close the day, a candlelit vigil will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. It will mark the time Britain declared war on Germany.It will pay tribute to the famous words spoken by the Foreign Secretary of the time, Sir Edward Grey, who remarked as he gazed out of his office and over St James’ Park, that “the lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime”.In memory of that, candles will be extinguished one-by-one until a single burning oil lamp remains at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.The lights on Tower Bridge and the Blackpool Illuminations will also go dark and households across the country are encouraged to join in.A lone candle on the steps of Downing Street will be the only light in that Whitehall corridor of power where so many tough decisions were taken 100 years ago – See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/08/04/ceremonies-begin-to-mark-100-years-since-wwi.html#sthash.o0pWsZYI.dpuf


4 thoughts on “100 Years Since WW1Began- SQ3R

  1. World War 1 SQ3R
    Survey: Victoria Cross, Germany, deaths, Australians
    Question: What is the Victoria Cross? Why did Brittan fight with Germany? How many people died in Germany? How many Australian soldiers died? What did the Australians have to do with WW1?
    Read: More than sixty thousand Australians died in WW1. A victoria cross is a very high metal you can earn for being brave. The Australians are like brothers to Britan so if they get into a fight with a different county we help them.
    Recite: More than 60.000 Australians died in WW1 in Germany because we were fighting with Britan. We had to fight because we are like brothers to Brittan so if they start fighting with a different county we will help them. A Victoria Cross is a very high and hard bravely medal you can earn in the army and not many people have earn it. 43.000 Australian soldiers died in Germany when Britan starter fighting them.
    Review: I learnt that more than 60.000 soldiers died in WW1 and that it has been 100 years after World War 1

  2. Survey
    Tony Abbot
    Prime Minister
    What has changed with the countries.
    What did Britain declare.
    What is Victoria Cross.
    It is less violent and there is more access to the other countries.
    The Victoria Cross is the highest award for the acts of bravery in wartime.
    I have learnt that the Victoria Cross is the highest award for acts of bravery in wartime. And that nine million soldiers died and over sixty Australians died.

  3. Survey
    1,400 invited guests
    World War One
    Tony Abbott
    60,000 Australians
    Where were the guests invited to/why?
    What did 60,000 Australians do?
    What did Tony Abbott do?
    Who fought in WW1/why?
    -9,000,000 soldiers died, including 60,000 Australians
    – The Prince of Wales will be joined by 14,000 people at Glasgow Cathedral.
    -The cemetery was chosen because it contains an almost equal number of German and Commonwealth graves.
    The invited guests were invited by the Prince of Wales. There will also be representatives of Commonwealth countries, senior military figures, cross faith groups and charities. They will also attend a service of remembrance at Glasgow Cathedral.
    9,000,000 soldiers died. These 9,000,000 soldiers contained 60,000 Australian soldiers. They died 100 years and 7 days ago (aka 35,000 days). Tony Abbott laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial, for the 60,000 Australians that died.
    Tony Abbott laid a wreath at the A.W.M in Canberra for all our soldiers that died. Tony also made a speech when he was there. He did it especially since it marks 100 year anniversary since WW1.
    The Commonwealth countries fought on WW1 because of an assassination that occurred. As mentioned earlier, 9,000,000 soldiers fought and 60,000 Australian soldiers died. The German and Commonwealth were buried in the same place because of the equal numbers of graves.
    This article is about the 100 year mark since WW1 started. I’ve learnt that they went to a certain cemetery because it had an equal number of graves between the German and Commonwealth countries. I also learnt that 60,000 Australian soldiers died.

  4. Survey
    -Deaths -Victoria Cross -August the 4th 1914 -The Prince of Wales
    Question How many people died during the war? What is the Victorian Cross? What happened on the 4th of August 1914? Who’s the Prince of Wales?
    Read The prime Minister, Tony Abbot made a speech in front of many people on this day. Britain declared war on Germany.
    Recite Nine million people died during the war and sixty thousand Australians died. The Victorian Cross was awarded to a man who died named Maurice Dease. August the 4th 1914 was when the war was declared. The Prince of Wales is Prince William who lives in Buckingham Palace, in Britain.

    Review The decadence of war started on August the 4th 1914. Nine million people died at war. Britain declared war on Germany. A man that died was awarded the Victorian Cross. Tony Abbot made a speech on Monday the 4th in August 2014.
    This article is about the 100 years since WW1. They’re celebrating the 100 years of freedom and peace since WW1. They also told us a little about the war and how it happened.

    By Jake Myers

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