Snapshot Writing

Look at the pictures I have included and choose one to write a piece of Snap Shot writing about. Remember to use lots a adjectives, descriptive words. Similes are a great to use to add definition and greater meaning to your writing. When writing a snapshot, think about the 5 senses. What do you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste? Write a paragraph for these and you should an impressive piece of writing that will keep your reader tuned in and wanting more.






3 thoughts on “Snapshot Writing

  1. As I’m peacefully walking along this boiling desert, I suddenly hear a roaring, crashing sound. I smell a clustery, dusty smell. I am running as fast as a spotty, orange cheetah. I smell disgusting sweat, dripping rapidly out my feared body. I hear a massive, thunderous plane engine approach closer. I see one of my friends’ body crunch under the vicious plane. The terrifying dust is gathered up as it becomes a terrifying sandstorm. I feel the cold, powerful wind rush against me from the crashing plane. Will I survive?

  2. i see a man in a tiny and i think i the crocadil will eat me up. i think i will svive to live i see a man is going a way from the crocail . i see a holl stac of trees i see

  3. SEE
    I am peterfied as I see the front carriages is about to derail. I am visualising that the train is about to derail.
    Im looking out the window and I think to myself are we going to survive this horrific acedent. Im thinking will the train ever stop or will we have to jump out for our lives.
    Im feel nervousness coming from the train as it continues to travle along the long tracks heading towards the train would ever stop fromd of the tracks. Im feeling nervous as if the train would stop from certin death.
    I smell fear from othe peoples emotion. I smell other peoples scent of fear coming from the other side of the train.
    I can taste the blood from my lip cause I was bitting my lip with nervousness. I taste the fear of falling to death.
    By Gareth

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