Inquiry-Week 5

Good morning everyone,
We have another huge day of hard work ahead of us as we miss Inquiry next week due to a science rotation day.
By the end of today you need to have completed the following activities from your checklist-
1) Synthesising wheels x3-you need a copy of all three of thess in your gift!
2) Mindmap-individual
3) Timeline-one made but each have a copy!
4) A published piece of narrative writing explaining facts from life on the gold fields. Remember to include things like the cost of a licence, what the actual conditions were like. A real area you were mining in, the size of your moining area- or what type of fossicking you were doing. Food you ate, what your living conditons were like etc.
5) 3 different sketches and designs of the scene you are going to create. A rough design, a design with labels, and a good colour copy with labels attached explaining how your design will work and how this is related to your inquiry question.


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