Unpacking a Seed

This week in writing, we are going back to basics. We are going to be unpacking some new seeds you can use to develop into a piece of writing.
Why do we unpack a seed before we begin writing? Many of us seem to have forgotten the importance of unpacking your thoughts and ideas in a seed. A seed gives us our ideas. They are the blueprints we can keep referring back to for our ideas when we are drafting our work to keep our stories on track. They can be questions, sentences, thoughts, words, pictures or sketches. Anything that can then be expanded upon to help us create a piece of writing.
Today I want you to think about who you are? We all wear ‘ many hats ‘ in life and lead to different experiences and stories.
Unpack a seed like I have started below, listing subheading you could then expanded upon to explain who you are.



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