SQ3R- Trampoline Heaven!

Mining Cavern Transforms Into World’s Largest Underground Trampoline Park


Trampoline parks are sprouting up all across the world. However, they all pale in comparison to Bounce Below – the world’s biggest underground trampoline park that opened in the historic slate mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales, on July 3rd. Nestled in a massive cavern that is located inside a 100ft deep and 60ft wide former slate mine, it provides visitors with a bouncing experience like none other.

Visitors to Bounce Below begin their journey with a safety briefing, after which they all don overalls and safety helmets and embark on an old mine train for the short ride into the mountain. Upon arrival, the guests encounter a sight that makes even the most seasoned trampoline park visitor, gasp in awe – a series of trampolines spanning a whopping 10,000 square feet, all connected by slides, the biggest of which is a mind-blowing 60-foot plunge, as well as, chutes and ladders. The whole experience is made even more surreal, by the vibrant colors that illuminate the cavern.

To ensure that jumpers of all ages, sizes and skill levels have fun, the giant trampolines have been set up at different heights. For extreme thrill seekers and trampoline experts, there is one that lies 180-feet above the cavern floor.

For novices and younger visitors, there is a bouncy net fitted just 20-feet from the ground. But given that all three trampolines are enclosed by nine-foot mesh walls, there is little risk of anyone falling out.

Sean Taylor, a spokesperson for Bounce Below says the inspiration for the trampoline park came from a similar, albeit above the ground, trampoline park they cam across in the woods in France. Of course, building an underground park this big, was no easy task.

It took the construction team using portable lamps, five months to remove the 50 tons of rubble that was inside the slate mine. Once the giant cavern was empty, a crew of experts from France was flown in to install the bolts and cables required to hang the giant nets. Then came the most important part – testing the trampolines to ensure they were safe and enjoyable for visitors. While experts took care of the ‘safety’ testing, it was thirty local kids and teens that were invited to test for the ‘fun’ factor, before the official opening of the park, on July 3rd.

Taylor says that the park will help draw in tourists and create much-needed jobs in an area that has experienced high unemployment, since the majority of the slate mines were shuttered, in the 1970’s. However, there were some skeptics. Among them was Aaron Davies whose biggest concern was the construction of a man-made park inside a naturally beautiful cavern. But after experiencing Bounce Below, he has become a big fan of this unusual trampoline park that has visitors literally jumping with joy.


The best part is that once visitors are done with their hour-long session at Bounce Below, they can experience some of the other fun activities offered by its parent company, Zip World. These include traveling deep underground using Britain’s steepest cable railway, to check out the old mines and observe quarryman demonstrating slate mining.

For those that are more interested in ‘above the ground’ activities, there is the choice of two ziplines – Velocity or Titan that lie within 45 minutes of each other. As you may have guessed, neither is ordinary.


The mile-long Velocity, which stands 500 feet above the ground is not just Northern Hemisphere’s longest zipline, but also, its fastest, allowing daredevils to fly across at speeds exceeding 100mph.

With over 8km of ziplines, the newly opened Titan is no slouch either. Besides being the largest of its kind in Europe, it is also the first in the world to feature four lines, side-by-side. This means that families and friends can experience the thrill of flying across at 70mph, simultaneously! And they are not done yet. Zip World is now focusing its efforts on building the world’s first underground zipline – So stay tuned!

Article Comprehension:
  1. How is Bounce Below different from other trampoline parks?
  2. What are some of the things visitors will experience at Bounce Below?
  3. What are the two ziplines called? What is special about each one?

4 thoughts on “SQ3R- Trampoline Heaven!

  1. Survey Bounce below North Wales July 3rd 100 ft. deep 1,000 square feet Falling out France Sean Taylor
    Question What is bounce below? Where is North Wales? What happened on July the 3rd? Which trampoline is 1,000 square feet? Has someone fallen out yet? Are there other Trampolines Did Sean Taylor create the trampoline cavern?
    Read The trampolines are inside a cavern that was mined out a long time ago, the cavern is 100ft deep and 60ft wide. The biggest trampoline is the3 60ft plunge. The experts jump on the 180ft above the cavern floor. Sean Taylor got the idea of bounce below, when he came across a trampoline on top of the ground in France.
    Recite Bounce below is the name of the biggest trampoline in the world inside an old mining shaft. The trampoline is in a town named Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales. July the 3rd was when the historic opening of the biggest trampoline place. One of the trampolines is 100ft deep from the cave ground. It’s the biggest trampoline in the cavern. No one has fallen out yet but it’s possible to fall out. There’s a trampoline in the forest in France. Yes! Sean Taylor did create the trampolines in the cavern after coming across the trampolines in France.
    Review The biggest set of trampolines was found in a town named, Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales. Sean Taylor is the creator of the trampolines idea, after coming across a trampoline in France. The highest trampoline is 180ft high from the floor. There are lots of different heights.
    This article is about the biggest trampoline in the world in Blaenau Ffestiniog. It tells us all about the trampolines and how they came about.
    By Jake Myers

    Survey- Transforms, Underground, 100ft x 60ft, North Wales, July 3rd, & Bounce Below.
    Question- 1) How did the mining cavern get transformed? 2) Why is it underground? 3) Why was the place 100ft (deep) x 60ft (wide)? 4) Why is it in North Wales? 5) What happened on July 3rd? 6) Why is it called Bounce Below?
    Read- 1) – 5 months to remove 50 tonnes of rubble. 2) – (I Infer) to make it more exiting. 3) – (I Infer) That was the space they had. 4) – (I Infer) That is the space they had (and/or) that’s where they lived. 5) – (I Infer) That was when it was finished (or) opened. 6) – (I Infer) Because its underground trampolines.
    Recite- 1) It took the workers 5 months to remove 50 tonnes of rubble from the mining cavern. 2) – (I Infer) It is underground to make the place and idea much more exiting. 3) – (I Infer) They built it there because that was the space they had (and/or) that mining cavern was out of use. 4) – (I Infer) They built the park in North Wales because that was where the builders lived (and/or) that was where they had a big, empty hole. 5) – (I Infer) On July 3rd the park was finished by the workers. 6) – (I Infer) It is called Bounce Below because the park has trampolines underground.
    Review – I learned that there was such a place as this underground trampoline park, it is in North Wales, the park is 100ft x 60ft, it is an underground park & it took 5 months to complete the 50 tonnes of digging out rubble.

  3. Survey
    -Vibrant colours
    -Blaenau Ffestiniog
    -World’s biggest underground trampoline
    -50 tons
    -The giant cavern
    -Why are there vibrant colours?
    -What is Blaenau Ffestiniog?
    -How did they put together the trampoline park?
    -Which object weighs 50 tons?
    Why did they choose the giant cavern?
    -A series of trampolines spanning a whopping 10,000 square feet.
    -5 months to remove 50 tons of rubble.
    -It’s also the first object in the world to feature four lines, side-by-side.
    -There are vibrant colours because it helps attract the visitors. It gives the place a “Glow in the dark” effect. It also says “The whole experience is even more surreal by the vibrant colours that illuminate the cavern”. This means it would give people an out-of-this-world experience.
    -Blaenau Ffestiniog is a slate running town which is where they put the trampoline park. They finished making the park on July the 3rd, 2014. The mineshaft was already in Blaenau Ffestiniog but they decided to put in the trampoline park.
    -To put the trampoline park together, they put in different trampolines varying in height. They have 20ft no voice trampolines, middle trampolines and very high ones for expert/pro trampoliners. They put in lamps across the park to give it some fun and colour instead of the dull black. The colours are pink, green, blue, purple, etc… First before putting the trampolines, they had to remove all the rubble from inside the cave.
    -Nothing exactly weighed 50 tons, but they just had to remove 50 tons of rubble. This process took 5 months to do, but it succeeded. Once they removed the rubble, the crew put in bolts and cables to put in the nets.
    -They chose the cavern because that is a huge open space to put a trampoline park. I infer that they put in lights because the cave is a very dark place.
    I’ve learnt that this is the biggest trampoline park in the world. I’ve also learnt that it took 5 months for them to empty the 50 tons of rubble out. I think it’s also interesting that they have different trampolines, varying experiences.

    50,000, Years, Arrived, Australia, First, Land, 1700s, 1900, supplies, Asia, Food, Making connections, European, Land.
    1 who were the first Australians?
    2 how did they come to Australia?
    3 how did they find food?
    4 why did they make connections?
    5 How did they make a living?
    Indigenous people arrived from south East Asia. Over time indigenous Australians came to understand the climate. Sometimes indigenous Australians planted crops that would grow while they were away. From the time of their arrival indigenous Australians adapted to the landscape and climate of the Country.
    1 who were the first Australians?
    The first Australians were probably Europeans because the indigenous people had to leave due to weather issues.
    2 how did they come to Australia?
    I infer that they came by boat or walked to Australia because of sea levels.
    3 how did they find food?
    They found by making fires to saround animals so they can’t escape and they used boomerangs if water animals.
    4 why did they make connections?
    They made connections by talking to cross lands and they talked in different languages.
    5 how did they make a living?
    They made lots of trading’s to each lands they crossed.

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